Allow Me to Completely Scramble Your Nutcracker

I’m currently watching Matthew Bourne’s Nutcracker on the Ovation channel (DirectTV) and OH MY GAWD. Everybody knows the Nutcracker, right? Clara, the Nutcracker, the Prince, Herr Drosselmeyer, et cetera? It was such a big part of my childhood that for years, I named all of my Christmas gift dolls Clara (I used middle names to tell them apart. I was a strange child. Not the point, back to the point). This is…not THAT Nutcracker. Picture the love child of Lemony Snicket and Willy Wonka. Now picture it as a ballet. Now picture it even better than that.

Just WATCH — the video is long but worth it! This is the opening and I think, the entire first scene:


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  1. I don’t remember watching the Nutcracker much as a kid. But if it makes you feel better, I named all my dolls Margaret. Well, not Doggie, he was always Doggie, but he was also a boy. Strawberry Shortcake even became Margaret. I didn’t give them middle names, you were just suppose to know who I was talking about.

    • Maybe you secretly wanted to be a Margaret? I know I always wanted to change my name as a kid — gave myself a nickname instead as a sort of compromise.

      • That’s it in one guess. I was pretty pissed when I realized that my mom’s middle name was Margaret, her mothers name was Margaret, both of her grandmothers were Margaret and I wasn’t part of “Team Margaret”. If I had my way when I was 8, I would have added it as a second middle name.

  2. Oh, set TiVo on stun! That was like Lemony Spring Awakenins Snickett!

  3. Oh my GAWD, this is like Tchaikovsky meets David Lynch. I LOVE it!

    • Just the right amount of Grinch for my Christmas. I don’t do syrupy. And I just realized that’s a weird critique of a ballet that’s about candy….

      Also, psst? I think the main male character is cute.

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