On the Twelfth Day of Christmas….

I sent my kid to school with:

Two yards of fabric cut in 8″ x 2″ rectangles with pinking shears, one wire hanger, two tubs of white frosting, one bag of mini marshmallows, one ornament for the gift exchange, four book orders, $20 for the teacher’s gift, and a gift card for Adopt-a-Family.

That’s not including the two gag gifts, one donation to Toys-for-Tots, and two packages of treats sent earlier in the week.

Dear Teachers: We get it. We even appreciate that you want our children to have a lovely holiday. NOW PLEASE STOP. Kaithanxbai, The Parents.

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  1. reason number 4,732 Hoody doesn’t breed…

  2. Wow, that’s a bit excessive. Enough is enough. How many gift exchanges, charities and fun days that require treats can they do?

  3. NO WIRE HANGERRRRRSSSSS!!! Oh, sorry, what were you saying? 🙂

    I hear you. This week and next is like a never ending shipment of goods to the school. We are now supposed to make the teacher a dreidel because she is jewish and the room mom sent a link (to I presume directions to make this thing) along with sending home popsicle sticks. I’m all, hold up now. I. DO. NOT. CRAFT. Damnit. Fa la la.

    • Ha, I had to dig in my closet to find the ONE wire hanger I could send to school. Never liked them.

      O HAI NO on the crafting. I’ve never met a teacher who wanted more homemade crap. Get that poor lady a gift card.

  4. A- freakin-men.

    My favorite is “Oh, yeah, Mom? I need this list of random crap that you will not have in your house TOMORROW.”

    • My kids are pretty good about telling me when they need craft supplies. It’s the 8 pm, “Mom, I just realized that I have this thing due for English tomorrow and my English folder is in my locker,” notice from my middle-schoolers that drives me BATS.

  5. I think I’ll go upstairs and kiss the surgeon that did the Hubs vasectomy- maybe the edible bouquet and outrageous co-pay weren’t enough….

  6. You lost me after the second “and”. I don’t even want to know what the wire hangers were for, and suddenly chocolates seem so, hum drum? Selfish? ….

  7. Teh teachers have finally wised up and stopped sending those “request” lists home with me. It is oddly comforting being the ‘bad parent’. 🙂

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