There Is No Such Thing as a Gothic Christmas Song

But, there ARE covers of Christmas songs done by Goth bands. And why am I Googling this, you ask? To wash away the saccharine taste (and I do mean saccharine, as in bitter and cancer-causing) left in my mouth after watching the last half of a Lifetime movie called Deck the Halls. It stars Gabrielle Carteris, which should have made me turn it off right there, but it also stars Steve Bacic aka Telemachus Rhade from Andromeda. Sadly, the perfectly edible Mr. Bacic did nothing for this movie, which featured dialogue more wooden than Pinocchio and acting slightly worse than the Christmas plays put on by our kids’ former private school. The last time we attended one of those, the family sitting next to us was completely tanked which I decided was the ONLY way to watch one of those things. Also, the principal used to tell us before every damn production that we were “in for a real treat,” which has given me a violent and irrational hatred of the word “treat” (mostly because she was wrong).

ANYWAY. I thought I’d share this song with you — it’s one of a group of covers on an album called “Excelsis: A Dark Noel,” and they’re really quite lovely.


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  1. Perfect holiday blech factor antidote. As an aside, I was old gabrielles dresser a million years ago in a regional theatre production and you should be glad her acting was edited for you by lifetime. Eek!

  2. Are you familiar with Something Awful? This was my husbands contribution (this is not for ah, delicate, work appropriate ears)

  3. OK, now we have scary christmas. My daughter is going to be so into this I can’t even tell her about it. She’s a junkie for ghost stories. Now she’ll be all “tell me some scary Santa stories.”

    OMG I gotta show her Gremlins.

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