Simplicity 4420 Done and Dusted

Ok, so I finished the black skirt:

This is a striped tone-on-tone black cotton, which doesn't photograph that well.

This is one of those projects that wound up as an “ok, but.” I originally cut it out at night, but realized in the morning that the stripes went every-which-way, and I didn’t want that. I was able to squeeze out properly matched panels from the leftovers, but I was so low on interfacing that I had to use leftover scraps of black fusi-knit to interface the front yoke. This pattern was a Tried-N-True for me when I started sewing my own clothes, and now it doesn’t fit as well thanks to five years and a few pounds. I cut it a size larger in the back to allow for my majestic behind, but the end result is it’s a little looser in the waist than I would like. I can put on belt loops to keep it hoisted, but I’m not sure it works with the style of this skirt. Plus, I usually put some kind of trim in between the tiers but I didn’t this time, since I wasn’t sure this was still a T-N-T.

In conclusion? I don’t think yoke-stye skirts and pants work very well for my shape anymore. It’s also possible that a good wash, press and maybe even belt loops will help here.

It’s past time for some old people elastic waists. Maybe even with kittens on them. Skull kittens (because I’m old, but still ornery).


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  1. skull kittens, you say? I’m on it, boss!

  2. Oh, god. I first read that as hello kitty for some reason, and was like, “No Andi!! Don’t go to the dark side!!” Phew. Now, skull kittens? Yep, that I can see.

    Cute skirt. I can see how belt loops might look odd on it. But it doesn’t look too loose or anything in the pic. Good job.

  3. ah….Skull Kittens was an old boyfriends pet name for me….special times!

  4. Skull kitties are MONEY! You’ve gotta bust those out, yo.

  5. I’d say something about elastic waists but I’m in a nice glass RTW house where my Mark’s Work Wearhouse jeans have 2″ elastic on the inside. In theory, that’s because they are the “curvy” cut and that keeps it snug at the back, but it’s elastic the whole way around. I’m okay with that.

    I like the skirt, the stripes add a little interest.

    • I’m iffy on elastic waists, but every now and again I get so exasperated with fitting that I’m like, “Hand me the stretch materials and BACK OFF!” They do help with the pesky waist/hip curve.

      Thanks for the compliment!

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