Hi, My Name is Andi and I’ll be Your Object Lesson for this Evening

Reason #34726 why you should never leave your rotary cutter blade extended when you put it down:

Yes, I am an idiot. This is not the first time I’ve taken this kind of damage, either. I have a scar on my hand from doing the same dratted thing last month.

Anyhow, I spent today cutting out skirt patterns. Both are patterns I’ve made before; this one I used for the Bird Sh*t skirt:

New Look 6873, View C

And this one, which I haven’t made in a while:

Simplicity 4420, View E/F

I cut them out in black. Blackety, blackest black. The goth in me needs more black — cotton/poly blend and stretch woven cotton, respectively. I feel like going back to my roots.

Um, wrong roots. Also, Holy Blurred Photo, Batman.

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  1. Oh ouch! That’s a fair amount of blood in that bandaid. I hope it heals quickly.

    One thing I love about sewing is how we can start with a pattern but all of our fabric and accent choices make the styling so different. When I first saw the Simplicity skirts I thought, hmm, doesn’t look like Andi to me, they are so… girly with those bright colours, lace, gathers. But then I read your plan to make it in black and I thought ohhh, yes, that does look like Andi.

    I gave up dying my hair a while ago. I really suck at maintaining it and I got to a point where I didn’t know exactly how white it was under there. I like to think of my white streaks as being Rogue-esque.

    • Those little straight slices bleed the most, I’ve found.

      It took me a while to look beyond the bad pattern design on the cover. I like to pick out patterns online, where I can look at the black and white outline and see how something is shaped without the color/design distractions. Then I head to the store with my list.

      I have TERRIBLE hair as far as holding dye, growing out fast, etc etc. I keep wanting to give it up (I also have the Rogue streaks and like those) BUT my original color is dishwater and it ends up aging me badly. So I keep getting fed up and going back to dye.

  2. HAHAHA, roots joke ftw!

    But remember, safety first — them rotary blades are sharp.

    • I’m always surprised by how sharp they are — even after hours of use. That’s when I get careless, when I’ve been using them enough to assume they’ve been dulled a bit. Nope!

      I constantly have the worst roots anywhere. Apparently, my hair grows really fast — makes any dye upkeep a major PITA. I need to find a routine I can do at home….

  3. OH, OUCH. I suppose you can’t have all that creative genius going on without a little bit of blood. At least you didn’t do worse…like cut your ear off.

    • I think the only way cutting your ear off qualifies as creative genius is if you then send it to someone in a box. I mean, what else are you going to do with it? It’s not like there’s a lot of use for severed ears.

      Note to self: Never lay down on the cutting mat.

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