My Owl Shirt Brings All the Boys to the Yard

This is one of those fabrics where I bought it with a pretty clear purpose in mind. I mean, what else are you going to do with thermal knit except….make a thermal shirt? Ok, I guess long underwear but I live in Southern California. This IS as much cold weather gear as I need.

Hair is a mess, skirt doesn't match....whatevs. Also note the lovely bra strap showing. Aren't we all glad I wore a "nude" bra? Yes, yes, we are.

This is the same pattern I used for the Vippy Bunny shirt — New Look 6735. It doesn’t have a long sleeve option, but it DOES have a 3/4 sleeve option. I traced off the 3/4 sleeve, slashed and spread it to add two inches, then put on three inch cuffs. I was worried the whole time that the sleeves would be too long, but they are pretty much perfect. I think I could add another half inch if I really wanted more length.  This is one of those times where you just kind of eyeball everything and it all works out. Magical.

I’m actually impressed with the way the owl print lined up on the seams — I didn’t try to cut it very precisely but everything seems to be nicely matched, with the exception of the cuffs. No matter what I did, the owls ended up upside down on the cuffs. See here:

That's a bit odd.

I’m not too worried though, because no sane person is going to be looking that closely at my wrists (and who cares what insane people think?).

You can’t see it in the picture, but some of the owls have the word “primp” printed under them. I’m not sure if it’s a commentary, a command or a brand name, since this is one of those L.A. Fabric District purchases and they’re often mill ends left over from clothing factories. I actually didn’t notice the word until I got home…then I read it as “pimp” and was nonplussed for a while, but decided to carry on with the shirt anyway. It wasn’t until I was staring at the print, trying to line it up so I could cut out the pieces, that the letters resolved themselves into “primp.” Be that as it may, I was willing to leave the house in a pimp shirt. With my bra strap showing. That’s all you need to know about me.

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  1. I LOOOOOOOVE that shirt! Although it WOULD have been better if the owls said “pimp.”

  2. Cute! And so warm. I am all over warm things with cozy long sleeves right now (gee, hadn’t you noticed?)

    That is so… odd… about the word. Apparently they are very stylish owls? Hmm.

    • The prints on Fabric District items are often strange. I found one place that has a bolt of electric blue satin fabric printed with “Suzanne Somers” and pictures of a blond woman riding a lightning bolt. I go visit it every time I am in the area. Nobody ever buys it (Google Suzanne Somers if you can’t figure out why).

      I am all over the warm any time it dips below 68. And long sleeves — yay!

  3. Owls can be so vain- I’m not surprised. Very cozy, fun top!

  4. The cuffs are right side up to you when you have it on. It’s a great shirt.

  5. Pfft, I already knew that about you. I would have been more surprised if you told me you WOULDN’T leave the house in a pimping owl shirt, girl.

    Super cute shirt. But yeah, what is up with the backwards owls? I guess even owls can be rebellious. Along with primping, apparently.

  6. I like all of your sewing and stuff. And I leave the house in Crocs. Not afraid to admit it.

  7. I like a shirt that shows off your “hooters”. That goth skirt continues to be wicked badass, girl!

  8. Well, that’s my confirmation right there of why I like you. P(r)imp shirts and bra straps. Attagirl. Or rather, Attagangsta.

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