You Can Take the Girl Out of the Goth….

But you can’t take the Goth out of the girl.

Finally! I finished my latest iteration of New Look 6083. This one, I made from really stiff non-stretchy twill by Lip Service (picked up for a song on Ebay). Because the material had so little give, I sewed 1/2″ seams on the side instead of 5/8″ seams. Now the skirt seems slightly loose, but I suspect that is just as well since this will be a knock-around skirt, to be worn with my black band tees and Doc Martens. Here it is:

Looks long in this picture, but it actually hits several inches above my knees.

When I put on the skirt for a photo this morning, Youngest was walking into the bathroom to take out his spacers. He inspected it and announced, “That looks good.” Then he looked closer and said, “But you shouldn’t wear it NOW. Because it isn’t October anymore, it’s November, and those are skulls. And that looks like blood.”

I told him, “It’s a STYLE.” Geez, everybody’s a critic.

By the by, this skirt has a SEWN-ON FLY. And I took copious pictures while making it, so I’m going to be doing a SEWN-ON FLY Tutorial. Stay tuned!

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  1. LOVE. IT. Ohmigosh, I love skull fabrics. One day, I promise, I’ll be just like you. I’ll make something with a kick ass skull fabric, and one day, I might even try a fly front. But I bet the cool fabric comes first.

    • Agreed. The first article of clothing that I finished for myself — and liked — was a drawstring skirt made from Alexander Henry skull fabric. I wore it to death! Start with the cool fabric, and you can’t go far wrong.

  2. Um, how old is this youngest? And . . . has he met you? Does he not know about your skull proclivities? Leave it to the kiddies to completely deflate any feelings of happiness and progress you may possess. Evil little demons.

    The skirt looks rad. Good job with it. I think you can wear it all year long! Tell THAT to youngest. :p

    • He’s seven. He has….er…..selective observational abilities, shall we say. I thought it was funny because he was completely serious, as if I regularly ask for his opinion on my clothing.

      For the record, he still tries to wear plaid shirts with (different) plaid shorts. I’m not terribly fussed if he thinks I’m overly Halloween-y. And this is exactly the kind of skirt I can wear all year long, thanks to our weather!

  3. You’re a really good seamstress. Seriously. My stuff NEVER looked that good. I can tell that you’re really careful and, well, good at it.

    • Thanks! I took a hobby test once (you answer questions and they match you up with the ideal hobby) and it recommended sewing for people who are patient, good with measurements and given to perfectionism.

      As Meatloaf said, two out of three ain’t bad. Most of what I enjoy about sewing is improving my skill set (which also makes the whole process much faster).

  4. Nice tummy. Mmmmm.

    Just sayin’. I don’t know jack about sewing (I almost typed knitting there. that’s proof). But I think your skirt is awesome.

  5. The lady I sleep with would totally buy a pair of pants made from that. She’d prefer the skirt, except that wearing a short skirt in a wheelchair is illegal in Kansas.

    Beautiful job.

  6. Yay! As usual I love your fabric choice. It’ll be interesting to see how the fit wears in—y’know, as twills seem to soften and stretch over time. Looks great. 🙂

    • I’ve washed it once so far and this particular twill is weird — it really doesn’t wrinkle, although it does shrink a tiny bit. Looks great right out of the dryer, though. I’m happy about the softening effect as it would be far too stiff otherwise.

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