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Snuff (Discworld Novels)


Terry Pratchett’s latest Discworld novel, Snuff. Pratchett is well known as a satirist, and his humorous novels of Discworld poke fun at everything from rock and roll (Soul Music) to death (Mort, and others). Snuff is Pratchett’s take on the stereotypical British country romance novel — think Jane Austen, but with a lot more goblins. Sam Vimes, Commander of the City Watch, has married up — very far up — and is being dragged to the country for a vacation by his wife. While there, he is delighted to discover that skullduggery is afoot, and goes about solving crime while exposing his young son to the improving effects of the country climate and educating the local population about what a Duke really does (as it turns out, quite a lot).

Snuff is not as laugh-out-loud funny as some of Pratchett’s other works, and it doesn’t stand alone very well — you need to be familiar with the other City Watch books (start with Guards! Guards!) and I missed the previous book, Thud!, so there were some references I found confusing. If you’re not familiar with Discworld, by all means start with The Color of Magic, which is the first book.  However, if you want a shortcut to funny, I personally recommend Jingo (satirizes war with the Middle East), Small Gods (religion) and Pyramids (the Ancient Egyptians).


Archangel's Blade (Guild Hunter)


Archangel’s Blade by Nalini Singh is a Guild Hunter novel. The Guild Hunter novels take place in a world ruled by archangels and populated by humans and vampires (who serve, and are made by the angels — a very interesting premise). However, unlike the previous 3 Guild Hunter novels, it doesn’t focus on Raphael and Elena but on the vampire Dmitri and an emotionally scarred hunter named Honor. This book can be read alone, but it improves with knowledge of the back story (contained in Angel’s Blood, Archangel’s Kiss, and Archangel’s Consort respectively). It’s satisfying to find out why Dmitri behaves the way he does, and to watch Honor’s recovery from a horrific vampire attack in one of the earlier books (where she was a minor character in a much larger story). All in all, a very enjoyable addition to the series, but one that focuses on a different group of people. I’m hoping the Guild Hunter series will branch out to cover more of the minor characters and their relationships.

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  1. How do you find the time to write book reviews? I want to do them, too, but I suspect people would find my taste in books rather bland. Or maybe too mainstream and strangestream.

    Truth be told, I read a ton, but if anyone asks me what I’m reading I’m usually “there’s a guy and a woman and they, um, there’s this murder and I don’t know just read it yourself.”

    Not because I don’t know what’s going on in the book I’m reading but because the area of my brain where I participate in the book by reading seems to have gotten totally cut off from my articulation area.

    Is that weird?

    • Since I have a B.A. in English, and I’ve written about bajillions of books, I can tell you this in all honesty: it is easier to write about what you hate than what you love. Love is an amorphous emotion, whereas the brain can more easily analyze and come up with reasons for dislike. When you love something…or someone…it’s a more complex experience. My biggest challenge with the reviews is giving people enough information to want to read the book, but not so much that I spoil the story for them.

      I do book reviews in front of the TV. That’s my dirty little secret….

  2. D’oh! You mean I have another book to read? (Avid Diskworld fan.)

    The second one sounds like the serious would be right up my husband’s alley (angels and vampires?), if I could only get him to read…

  3. Yay! Another Discworld book!! I hope he completes all that he has planned. Love him!

  4. Never did get into SciFi books but I am acomplete WHORE for the SyFy Network. Only two more months until ‘Being Human’, Season 2!!! SQUEEEE!!!!!!

  5. It’s high time someone satirized that. Jane Austen sucks. Like an old-timey soap opera.

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