Be Careful What You Eat

I was going to put up a music video with the Smiths or the Pixies, something dark and cool. However, I can’t do the tall, cool drink of water thing this week because I’ve been eating way too many white chocolate and butterscotch cookies. Screw Team Pie and Team Cake, I’m Team Cookie all the way. *throws gang signs*  Anyhow, since I can’t be a cool example, I figured I could be a horrible warning….with the help of one of my favorite songs from Animaniacs.

Go ahead and sing along.  You know you want to.

Posted on November 11, 2011, in Friday Headbanging. Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. Eeep, at this rate I’m going to be oysters and rum & coke…

    🙂 Don’t be too hard on yourself. What you ate yesterday has nothing to do with what you eat today.

    • Oysters and rum and coke sounds awesome, if a bit oozy….

      Actually, this song reminds me to stop eating so much crap. Singing all the chemicals is a great way for me to start craving something healthy, like an apple.

      • I got that way towards the end of our vacation. Yesterday my breakfast was oatmeal & yogurt. I just couldn’t do an egg biscuit sandwich again. Then an apple at the airport. I really do like fruit.

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