I’d Like to Thank the Academy….

And by the Academy, I mean Misty of Misty’s Laws who bestowed this award on me:


Apparently, I’m versatile. Who knew? And please don’t tell my mom. Andi, that’s versatile not venereal. Oh, ok then.

The rules are as follows:

1.  Compose a short dedication to the person who gave you the award.

2. Write a list for your readers, detailing things about yourself that your readers don’t know.

3. Pass the love forward to five bloggers that you feel deserve to receive it too.

So, here goes! Misty is the funniest lawyer I’ve ever known. I used to work for a law firm and I’m related to lawyers, not a whole lotta laughs there. But between the bad style highlights, the “your car makes you look like a douche” snapshots, the adventures in Ren Fairing and the running commentary from her adorable son, she gets a giggle snort out of me every morning. In fact, Misty is better than coffee, and I’m including Starbucks holiday drinks in that so you know I mean business. Go read her.

Things you don’t know about me? Well, I’m not much for hiding my light under a bushel so it was hard to come up with something that nobody knows but:

1) I have so many allergies, it’s embarrassing. Thank God most of them hit after having kids or I would have spent my dating years ordering food like Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally. “I’ll have everything on the side, kthanxbai.”

2) I’ve read the complete works of the Marquis De Sade. Don’t bother, by the way. De Sade was a hack who would get himself shut up in debtor’s prison, publish something to pay the bills, then go off drinking and carousing and wind up back in prison… His stuff was like the Penthouse Letters of its day. I always picture a bunch of guys reading it while standing around in frock coats going, “This sort of thing never happens to me.” The only De Sade work of any literary merit is Justine, and it’s only worth reading if you’ve read Samuel Richardson’s Pamela because it’s a rebuttal to that.

3) Yes, I have a B.A. in English. It’s not that noticeable, is it?

4) I had an eating disorder in college. I have no idea what size/shape my body is, even when I look in the mirror. This causes some problems in sewing because I have a bad habit of making things too large.

5) I used to play Magic the Gathering, but gave it up (and gave away my cards) when I moved because I didn’t know anyone who played other than my former roommates.  I still kind of regret that.

6) I learned to sew as a kid by making Cabbage Patch clothes. I have the original patterns I used (though I no longer have the dolls). I still like Cabbage Patch kids, especially the way they smell fresh out of the box. In fact, I’m tempted to go buy one now.

7) Speaking of strange smells, I also love the smell of Play-doh.

Now for my honorees:

Seraphinalina is an absolute sweetheart. In fact, she’s one of the nicest people I know online. Her blog covers everything from sewing to family to infertility to her connections to the folk music scene. I’ve discovered some great musical artists through her and she’s always an education to read.

Tanit-Isis has amazing sewing skills. She’s constantly whipping up jeans and crinolines and Baby Doll costumes. She blithely carries on sewing through successes and disasters alike, turning out clothes for herself, her husband and her two girls Tyo and Syo at breakneck speed. I only wish I had the balls to take half as many risks.

Team Suzanne writes a blog ostensibly about homeschooling her two kids, but really, it’s just an opportunity for her to comment on global warming, aggressive animals and stupid people. If you ever wanted to know how to mummify a chicken, she’s your gal. If you wanted to know what a mummified chicken smells like afterwards, still your gal.

K-Line sews, knits, and raises the most kick-ass tween this side of the 1980s. Her knitting skills will bring tears to your eyes, and her gorgeous house photo porn will make you drool.

CorpGoth highlights goth couture as worn to the office. Her outfits are adorable, and she knows more about strategic accessorizing with studded belts and bats than anyone you’re likely to meet. She also sews historical costumes at Trystan’s Costume Closet. I want to steal almost all of her shoes.

Now go forth and be awesome!

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  1. I am blushing over here. I was just doing up a few posts to cover while I’m away, but this I’ll want to put more thought into when I’m back. Thanks so much!

  2. I always thought that Love’s Baby Soft smelled like playdoh. Congrats- you are one of my fav reads!

    • Thanks! Didn’t Love’s Baby Soft have several different formulas? I remember the main one smelled like baby powder, but then they had like sets of 5 that they would sell around the holidays. Remember those? I think one of them did smell like Play-doh or something very plasticky. Total flashback to junior high for me…..

  3. Aww, thanks!

    My husband still has his Magic the Gathering cards. /sigh. I have to admit, that was one part of the subculture that sent me running screaming (actually just groaning in boredom). D&D, I get. LARP, I get. Card games? Not so much. For most of the last ten years we’d been storing an entire 50-galon tote of cards for one of the hubs’ friends. Allegedly we were free to get rid of them, but we never quite got around to it, and then last year he decided he wanted them back.

    My husband has similar body issues. I’m not quite sure what it is he sees in the mirror, but it sure isn’t what is actually there.

    • The body issues thing is so weird. As I’ve gotten older, I’m better about not assigning emotion to the way my body looks. But then I’ll sew something and be convinced that I need X size, only to try it on and realize that nope — I need the next size down. I have a rule that it takes me 3 tries to perfect a pattern and that’s part of the reason!

      I’ve never done LARP but D & D gets to a level with me where I’m actually bored by the complexity. It’s like, my brain is full and I can’t process anymore. I find the card games to be more straightforward. Although my kids’ Pokemon craze made me want to poke my eyes out (haha, bad pun).

  4. You are truly venereal. You are. Don’t deny it. Yes, you are! Just look at you!

    I found writing about the versatility award extremely challenging as regards my versatility capabilities. I am so exhausted I may never type again. But it’s out there.

    And congratulations!!!!

  5. I love the smell of Play-Doh, too. And your body is shaped just fine. That wasn’t a hidden come-on. not that you aren’t come-on-able. Oh, shit, you read De Sade, you know what I mean.

  6. And why, exactly, have you not just gone out and gotten yourself a Cabbage Patch Doll already? You have boys, so it’s not like you can live vicariously. Go forth, young lass, and purchase one, post haste! 🙂

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