You’re in the Army Now — McCall 5429

I finally finished my camouflage skirt today! I just had to sew on the belt loops and the hook and eyes for the waistband. Here is the pattern:

McCall 5429, now out of print. I made View B, the mid-length but without the godets.


By the way, the only problem I have with this pattern is that the waistband overlap is so small, you HAVE to do pants hooks because there is no room for a button. I really prefer buttons with a fly front. Oh well, I just lined up two pants hooks vertically to make a secure closure.

I also left the godets off  because the fabric is kind of stiff and I wanted a more subtle trumpet effect. Unfortunately, the length of the skirt is 25″ which is usually considered pretty dowdy and even taking up a slightly deeper hem only made it 24.5″ on me.

Here it is:

Very....uniform-like, wouldn't you say?

I don’t think it’s the most flattering skirt I own, but it’s infinitely better than the short version would have been at 16″ which is a full inch shorter than I prefer my miniskirts. I cut and sewed a straight size 12, and aside from being a teeny bit tight in the upper thigh area (a perennial fitting problem for me), it fits fine. I did sew the waistband with 3/8″ seams rather than 5/8″ but I do that a lot because I prefer wider waistbands like those found on RTW.

Anyhow, I’m glad this is done because this will be a good skirt for the fall weather that we are expecting later this week — rain and temps below 60. Yay!  I love rain.

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  1. I love this! The contrast of the camo fabric with the swingy skirt is fabulous. I want one of these!

  2. “Very….uniform-like, wouldn’t you say?” Well, except for Mona Lisa. 😉 I like it, though (both)!

    • Ha, I will most likely wear it with a plain black tee and tights instead of the Mona Lisa shirt and boot socks! However, I was in a hurry and had to get Oldest to snap a quick picture for me. The shirt looks better than I would have expected with this skirt, but I really think something more fitted will be best.

  3. I like the shape, and I agree the godets would’ve been iffy in that fabric. Myself I’d probably shorten another 4″ or so… but longer is certainly warmer 🙂

    Have fun with it, either way! 🙂

    • The trouble is, if I take 4″ off the bottom then I lose the trumpet effect. I am thinking if I make this again (very likely) then I can shorten the pattern by folding at the miniskirt cut-off line. That should bring the length up without distorting the bottom shape. I would also trace off the front waistband and add a good inch or so to the business end, leaving me room for a button.

      This was a fun pattern to sew, and I definitely see ways to work it into my wardrobe!

  4. Ok, first . . . I freaking love that shirt. It is amazeballs!

    I think the skirt turned out well and I think the camouflage material makes it much less dowdy than if it was a different material. All in all, good work.

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