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Grimm, Fridays at 9 pm on NBC. Fairy tales are certainly having a moment, what with Once Upon a Time and now, Grimm. Grimm takes a much darker approach to the fairy tale world, with the series protagonist Nick Burkhardt suddenly being able to see the fairy tale creatures that lurk among humans. As a homicide detective, Nick is accustomed to viewing disturbing images but the grotesque visions throw him for a loop. In a visit from his aunt, he learns that he is part of a family of hunters known as “Grimms” that keep humanity safe from the monsters. Make no mistake, this is no Disneyfied version of the fairy tales. The pilot begins with someone killing women in red hoodies, and the general feel of the show is more Criminal Minds than Once Upon a Time. Definitely reserved for the 13-and-up crowd, or even 15-and-up if your teen is sensitive. The pilot was solid, so I’ll be watching but it didn’t capture my imagination as much as others in the fall schedule.


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  1. This is filmed in my hometown and I’m actually an extra in an upcoming episode! SQUEEE!!!!

  2. Too bad…I was really hoping for a Once Upon a Time feel. The ads are neat. Did I just say “neat?” I did. Fine, shoot me.

    • You would have loved my freshman year English teacher. She forbade us from using the words neat, cute, nice, cool…and I think there were a couple others. She called them “dead” words.

      I think the premise is interesting, I’m just not sure if it was what I expected. Still good enough to keep my attention — at least for now.

  3. We watched this over the weekend as well. It reminds me a bit of Supernatural, as well. We’ll see. We have”Once Upon A Time” recorded, too, so we’ll be checking that out. I guess Lost Girl would be in the same genre as well, but I mostly just watch that for Kenzie’s clothes…

    • I hadn’t heard of Lost Girl, so checked it out on IMDB. It’s a Canadian show, sadly, which means we might not get to see it — but sometimes Syfy picks up Canadian shows since they film in Canada. Fingers crossed….

      I can’t watch Supernatural. The pilot gave me the creeping horrors for a month, although I’m tempted to Netflix some of the episodes just to see the guest stars. Like CSI, everybody seems to do Supernatural eventually.

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