Fairies Wear Boots

So, I went shoe shopping yesterday. I hate shoe shopping, since everything on the market these days is either crippling (stripper heels) or cripplingly dull (penny loafers).  Any shoes that manage to be neither are hideously expensive, as in I could be a millionaire and the price would still give me pause.

I might just be cheap. It’s the Scot in me.

Anyhow, I tried on every pair of boots in the store and found myself completely charmed by these:

How much do I love that the name of this company is Dirty Laundry? Very much.

I think these look like fairy tale boots, Red Riding Hood’s boots perhaps.  Or an urban fairy, if I swap the punkish red laces out for ribbons.  And the brass grommet detail?  I DIE.

Here’s another pic:

Boot, on mah foot.

These make me furiously happy.  Although I do have the Black Sabbath song stuck in my head.


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  1. I would have bought those boots for those funky laces ALONE! And now I have “Dr Marten’s Boots” from “The Young Ones” in my head…

    • Now I have to go and google that. Someone wrote a song about Dr Martens boots? How did I not know about this?

      • it was weird — the guy who played their landlord came and did a concert in their house… the only part I really remember is the chorus, which was “Dr. Marten’s, Dr. Marten’s, Dr. Marten’s BOOTS!” And you have to yell “BOOTS!”

  2. Those look like they had you in mind when designing.

    I am actually a fan of shoe shopping. If a shoe doesn’t fit, I’ve never thought to myself, well, if I lost a little weight then it would fit. Or if I wore a different bra maybe it would button. Or if my waist was longer then my hips would start at the right place. When a shoe doesn’t fit it’s the shoes problem, not my feet.

    • I know! Maybe they read my blog?

      I have hard-to-fit feet and I’m hypersensitive, so shoe shopping is an exercise in frustration because I can’t very well rearrange my bones. My biggest rule is something shouldn’t hurt right out of the box. Clothing shopping can be annoying, but at least it’s not painful.

  3. They. are. awesome! My one rule for shoes, except for the price, is that they be comfortable. And not just in the store, because I feel there is some sort of magical realm of fantasy thing that happens in shoe stores that make shoes comfy on your feet, yet when you get them home, you can’t feel your toes. They need to be comfy in store and then I also wear them around the house for a day to make sure my feet don’t kill me after an hour or so. I am on my feet ALL DAY.

    Were they affordable as well? I’m getting jealous of all these boot purchases I keep seeing on blogs. I might have to go brave the outside shoe store world and get me a pair for winter. Damnit Andi, look what you’ve done!

    • Oops, just call me Ms. Enabler! The boots were $50 — I almost always buy shoes from places like DSW and Off Broadway, which is where I got this pair. Partly because I’m cheap, and partly because I hate waiting around for shoe salesmen like whoa.

  4. Those are great! I also think a punk, urban fairy is just about the best Hallowe’en costume ever.

  5. You chose the right ones. They’re great! I, too–have problems with boots. I can’t stand what I see in stores, that I can afford–so every few years I spend HOURS trolling ebay for vintage boots. It takes FOREVER to find them this way–but it only has to be done every few years. Last year I found some tall camel colored boots and some green motorcycle boots. For less than $20 each.

    I would keep those red laces, for shizzle.

  6. Also, I think making “fairy” plural is tough–so hats for that part, too. It just seems like it should be “fairys”, to me, at least.

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