She’s a Scrape — Half Square, Half Drape

BONUS POINTS to anyone who can identify the movie that featured the above quote, and the character who said it!

Well, I finished my jacket, Simplicity 1940.  Ta da:

I look weirdly busty in this. I promise, it's an optical illusion.

I’m pretty happy with the way this turned out. I feel like a Pink Lady in it — never mind that it’s the wrong color. I do think the jacket is a bit too roomy in the body, but the pattern is for wovens and if I were to make this with a lining, I would probably want the extra room. Also, I didn’t mark where the collar was supposed to fall so it stops short of where it should be. I can fix that easily the next time around. Yes, there definitely will BE a next time around — I have enough black rib for the trim on at least 2 more of these jackets, and I’m thinking pink or black satin…..

One change I’d make to the pattern would be to add pockets.  There are NO pockets in this jacket, which is just silly, and I think the same design in ready-to-wear often has either side seam or welt pockets.

I’m all gangsta for the holidays.  Bring it on.


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  1. I can’t identify the quote–but I do like the jacket. And, pockets are a trade off. Handy, but they might muck up the look of the jacket. I like the uninterrupted print and simple lines. Nice, simple, clean collar. Lookin’ good!

  2. That would be Pepper, from one of my top 5 movies, Cry-Baby. Johnny Depp has never looked so good. 🙂 Your jacket looks fabulous!

  3. I love those kind of jackets — the ones that give the illusion of a massive chest! I spend all day just staring at my “rack!”

  4. Nice jacket, it’s a good pattern for that. I’d say a little room is also good for layering underneath so you truly will never be cold again.

  5. Wow, that was fast!! And so stylish. Love it. But yes, it definitely needs pockets next time. What jacket doesn’t have pockets? Well, that one I guess.

    Love the Cry Baby quote. It was actually filmed all around my home town and I got to watch a bunch of the scenes being filmed. I got to meet the 2 little kids, who were stuck up brats, but sadly never Johnny Depp. Saw him from a distance and took a picture though . . . that my mom subsequently ruined by opening the film compartment and exposing the film (yes, that old!). I am so bummed for that day. Still.

    Sorry, I hijacked this post with Cry Baby talk, but you started it! :p

    • NO, no, go right ahead! I love me some Cry Baby. I would have died to see it being filmed. Was John Waters on set, or did you notice?

      I would have disowned my mom for exposing the camera film. You are a marvel of self-restraint.

      • Just realized I never answered your question . . .

        I don’t remember seeing John Waters, but I was maybe 14 or 15, so he wasn’t on my radar yet. I did get a chance to meet him years later when I was working with an Entertainment Lawyer who represented a singer who was featured on a soundtrack to one of his movies and I attended a signing at a local music store. I still have his autograph on the craptastic CD from that movie (I for the life of me can’t remember which movie . . . not one of the good ones. I wanna say it had Melanie Griffin? No clue).

        Re: the mother issue . . . I threw the hissy of all fits, but there really was no going back so nothing I could do about it. But I was super mega pissed at that wench. Still hold a grudge about it to this day.

  6. Oh Mr waters, I love you…and I love your jacket!

  7. Damn, girl, that was FAST! You’ve got mad skillz, my dear.

  8. I got the Cry-Baby reference, but couldn’t’ve named the character… I tune that movie out since my hubs got the kids into it. It looks good, although I would have the same issue with the body width. And the pockets. Although I always forget to put in pockets, and then regret it later…

    Have fun with the next version! (Pink satin… you know you want it…)

    • I wish I could get the kids into Cry Baby, but I fear it’s too girly for them.

      And yes, pockets! I’m trying to be more conscious of putting pockets into my clothes, since I really do use them all the time. When I have them, that is.

      Now where would I buy pink heavyweight satin? Hmmmm……

  9. I am thinking of getting this pattern to make the hooded top. for a geeky retro look – what do you think? is it easy to make? easier than say… a dress with an invisible zip? or a pussy bow blouse or something? Are the “notions” easy to get hold of

    • Definitely easier than a dress or a blouse! I would recommend is making a muslin, though, because it runs a bit short and roomy in the body. The materials are available at my local fabric store; the only real notion is an 18″ separating zipper. Those are easy to find in a chunky sport weight, the one I used here is a separating coil zipper which is a bit more challenging to find but my store had a few last time I looked.

      This is actually a pretty good pattern for a beginning to intermediate sewer. The only challenge is making sure you mark all the notches because the collar, cuffs and bottom band have to be stretched to fit the jacket and the notches really help with that.

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