As God is my Witness, I’ll Never be Cold Again (with apologies to Scarlett)

Geez, the title of this post is way too long.  Anyways.

If you know anything about me, you know I have the circulation of a lizard.  I tend to be too cold until it’s boiling, then I’m too hot.  But generally, if there is a breeze, I’m cold.  So one of my resolutions for Fall/Winter 2011 is to sew a lot more clothes that will actually keep me warm.

This could be a challenge.  For all kinds of reasons, some involving my attention span and others involving my severe lack of interest in things like polar fleece.  Based on my past experience with resolutions, we should probably expect this to be an epic failure with some interesting sidetracks.  Now that I have you properly pumped, here’s what I cut out today:

Simplicity 1940, jackets

This is Simplicity 1940, a pattern for some righteous gangsta jackets with either a hood or rib knit collar, plus options for customization.  I’m not doing the options because this will be a sort of muslin, hopefully wearable.  I’m using a heavyweight sweater knit with matching black rib for the collar, cuffs and bottom band:

Pretty cozy, ain't it?

The directions are ridiculous, so I plan to ignore them and do my own thing (because that always works so well).  I’ll be inserting the sleeves flat, which I did with the Vippy Bunny t-shirt and that came out all right.  So this will either be awesome or a hot mess.

Tune in tomorrow for more news of our intrepid sewing lizard…


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  1. I love your fabric! Leopard print for the win. 🙂

  2. Oh my gawd, please tell me you are making the one that will make you look like you are in a gay version of Sgt. Pepper’s Band!!! (Is that redundant? Probably).

    Will this jacket magically turn you into a hip hop master as well? Because that I will need video of.

    • The only thing that would magically turn me into a hip hop master would be a full body transplant. Into a hip hop master. The closest I come these days is tragically hip, not at all the same thing.

      I won’t be doing the gay Sgt. Pepper’s band jacket THIS TIME, but I duly noted it for later. It has to happen. Especially in the pink and army green.

  3. Does it come with a pattern for the matching hat? 😉

    I love the fabric choices. I think the print is intereting enough to add a little something to the jacket but won’t look too much with whatever you are wearing under it. Here’s hoping it works out.

  4. Once again, I’m green with envy over your fabric. /sigh. The pattern looks pretty fun—good luck with winging the construction. 😀

    I have a bunch of sweatshirt fleece I’ve been procrastinating making up, too, and am similarly chill-prone (not a good trait in a Canadian)… Maybe you’ll inspire me! 🙂

  5. I love that you’re designing and creating your own gangsta gear! Don’t forget extra pockets for your shiv and some spray paint for taggin’.

  6. You will definitely get to eat at the cool table cafeteria-wise in this. Very nifty!

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