New Look 6735 — I’m a Vippy Bunny!

Over the weekend, I finished this shirt which I’m really pleased with:

New Look 6735, View C

I bought the fabric from the LA Fabric District, years ago. It’s a very strange poly blend with a pebbly texture. The guy I bought it from suggested it was for lingerie, and he may well have been correct. The print seems to evoke a bunch of pin back buttons, and I actually thought it was a promo print for the Spice Girls, because of the Spice Rule! and British flag buttons. However, there’s also a button that says “I’m a Vippy Bunny!” I had no idea what that meant and it occurred to me (halfway through making the shirt, because I’m a slow thinker) that it might mean something I didn’t want advertised on my body.

SO. I took a break and googled “Vippy Bunny.” Turns out it’s a reference to a chain of V.I.P.S. restaurants (apparently mostly on the West Coast) that went bankrupt in the 1990s and were bought by Denny’s. They still exist in Mexico where they’re — oddly enough — owned by Walmart. And they did indeed have a bunny as a mascot, with coloring books and other promos. Why did someone print this fabric with all these strange logos on it? Who knows?

I’m really happy with the pattern for New Look 6735, View C. I cut out and sewed a straight size 12, and it fits me really well. The length is where I like it on my long torso, the sleeves hit at a flattering place on my arm, and there is no pooling in the back. My one quibble is that there seem to be some slight “pull” lines that sometimes form between the armscye and the neckline. I think that might be my fault, though, as I had to squeeze this pattern onto a single yard (it was a muslin and I really wanted to use this fabric) so the neck band ended up slightly short. I just shaved off the uneven ends and attached it anyway, stretching to fit, and it seems to be ok but I think it might be pulling up a bit too much. Since this is a wearable muslin, that’s perfectly fine with me.

This is the first knit top where I’ve successfully used a double needle. I used Tanit-Isis’ method of pressing the hems with Steam-a-Seam to add stability and keep the needle from tunneling. Well, it tunneled a bit anyway but I think that’s due to the flimsiness of the fabric, which makes me extra glad I used the Steam-a-Seam. I used the 1/2″ on the sleeves and bottom hem and the 1/4″ (in strips) around the neckline to offer stability there. The end result is a shirt that will probably, thanks to the polyester, outlast us all.

Since I haven’t had a photo that showed my head in a while, here I am:

Me, looking stiff.

You can see that the Great Hair Grow-out continues at a snail’s pace.  Whoopee.


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  1. Great shirt. What an interesting print and such an odd mix of ‘pins’. Once you said it was a restaurant, I had an image of Office Space pop into my head, it’s a shirt with flair. 😉
    I bought a double needle a bit ago, but I haven’t used it yet.

  2. Love it. It’s adorable, well made and totes you!

  3. I freakin’ love that fabric! It’s so weirdly cool. I’d have bought it myself if I saw it (except I hate sewing knits, I always screw them up 😉

    • The best thing about shopping the Fabric District is definitely the “weirdly cool” factor. There are always such random designs. I sometimes have to speak very sternly to myself — like, “No, you will not really wear something with THAT on it….certainly not out of the house!”

      Don’t let knits intimidate you! A lot of it is practice, and knowing how to use the special stitches on your machine, and doing things like stabilizing the fabric. I’ve been sewing for years and I’m just finally getting more comfortable with knits, but I had to wreck a lot of things first.

  4. I hope a double needle tutorial is in the works-hint, hint. I love this- it’s so fun!

  5. Flimsy polyester knits frighten me. I’m impressed you eeked out something that fits so well out of material that was described as lingerie material. I’ve had a terrible time handling such knits. It always seemed to throw into vivid relief how messed up the needle tension was on my machine–as well as other problems, some even having to do with the user (me).

    Well done–and only a yard? Crafty and thrifty! A double threat.

    • Thanks, glad you like it! The pebbly texture of the fabric actually made it a little easier to work with than most poly knits. Also, I have a machine with relatively good tension and that always helps. Sometimes they need a tune-up or a realignment to work at their best (even if they’re brand new — my serger needed a visit to the shop right out of the box, but I haven’t had any problems since).

  6. Very, VERY nice job on the sewing. I know nothing about sewing, but I know about clothes fitting, and it fits to a T.

    I also have to commend you on your hair grow out decision, but I am a guy and we’re all weirdly into the long hair thing and I think it is awesome any time a woman decides to go to the effort and maintenance work involved in having long hair.

    It’s not a fetish, mind you. I don’t go around grabbing women with long hair or anything.

    • If you had a fetish, I could recommend my neighborhood to you. Everybody and their sister has long hair here. Probably just as well you don’t go around grabbing them, though.

      I actually find my hair to be easier to manage when it’s long, If it gets unruly, which it does a lot, I can just put it up.

  7. Cute! I am seriously in awe of your sewing skills. I have a sewing machine my mom gave me a few years back and I can’t figure out how to thread the bobbin even after watching youtube for 5 hours, I’m kind of a sewing failure… haha

    • Thanks! Don’t give up on your machine. Local dealers often have “get to know your machine” classes and they will help you with anything up to and including threading the bobbin.

      Truefax: I had a friend who ran into the same problem with her machine, so I went over there and showed her how to hold onto the end of the thread until the thread “grabbed” the bobbin. So the problem might be that you’re letting go of the thread before you’re supposed to. Just an idea.

  8. Ohmigod, I used to L-O-V-E VIPS! Vippy Bunny burger with extra cheese and chocolate milk. . .Mmmmmm. . .nom-nom-nom. . . If you were part of their “Clean Plate” club (aka. fat kid) you would get a shitty paper bunny mask and cheap-ass toy. God, I miss that place.

    • FABULOUS! Someone who actually went to VIPS back in the day. Girl, I am in awe of you.

      I was a skinny kid but I cleaned plate regularly. People would return me to my mom with, “My God, that girl can eat.” I should have been entered into eating contests or something. Wasted opportunities….

  9. I LOVE the print. And it’s an amazing cut on you.

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