Wicked Girls

Today, I’ve been rather bad. Or decadent, if you’d like…I started my purse project this morning, but then spent most of the afternoon and evening catching up on TV (with breaks for meals and to ferry around the spawn, of course).

I always feel vaguely guilty about spending the better part of a day sitting down because it used to enrage my mother. She’s a hyperactive extrovert, which I am not, and sometimes likes to brag that she punished me as a child for reading. I particularly enjoyed fantasy stories, which she doesn’t like nor understand (bizarre but related event of adulthood: finding out my mother had gone to see the first Lord of the Rings movie and “didn’t get why everyone thought it was so good.”  I had to say, “Well, you’re not the target audience.”). Anyway, I spent a good deal more time in Narnia, Oz and Neverland than I ever did at home which may be why this song resonates with me.


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  1. I think the misunderstandings of reading vs doing something would resonate with my husband and his dad. His mom was always supportive of whatever gaming and reading he wanted to do, but I don’t think his dad knew how to relate.

    I liked the video. I was listening and thinking, hmm, I hear a violin. Drummer, singer, singer, guitar… no, I’m sure I hear a violin… Then I saw the bow popping up over the guitarists arm and things made sense in my world.

    • The video is very “homemade” but it was the best I could find of this song. Seanan Mcguire also writes urban fantasy, but I haven’t read her stuff so no idea if it’s any good.

      I’ve heard it’s often the same-gender parent who has the most difficulty separating themselves from their children — something about expecting a mirror of yourself.

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