In Which I Suck at Accepting Gifts

People keep giving me things. I have no idea why they do this and I wish they’d stop. No really, I wish they’d stop because when I get nice things then I have to….have feelings. And be grateful.  And do things that come about as naturally to me as giving a camel a sponge bath. If you work in a Middle Eastern petting zoo and regularly give camels sponge baths, please hold the hate mail. IT WAS AN EXAMPLE.

This morning, I was cranky. I’m cranky most mornings, but for some inexplicable reason, this led to a discussion with Hubs on expensive sunglasses and the fact that he buys them and I don’t. I don’t WANT expensive sunglasses, to be fair. My BFF once watched me collapse a stroller one-handed and send my sunglasses flying into oblivion and she remarked, “Oh, that’s why you don’t buy the nice ones.” Damn straight, skippy. However, for some reason, the Hubs felt guilty enough to suggest that I splurge on $50 at Spoonflower.

$50 isn’t a lot at Spoonflower, but seriously? THEY HAVE DOCTOR WHO FABRIC. I’m just going to yell that until the novelty wears off, which might be a while. Buy earplugs and feast your eyes on this:

They have other prints I like a bit more, but I’m all over all of them because DR. WHO FABRIC. Sorry, I’ll try to stop with the yelling.

I still haven’t spent the $50. I felt guilty for wrangling it out of the Hubs, and now I feel guilty because I haven’t spent it. I need to either get a grip on the guilt or convert to Catholicism so at least that way it’ll be useful.

On a more practical note, I’ve chosen my next project. No, not pants — this will involve even more swearing and wrangling, but mercifully, no fitting. I desperately need a new purse, and given that I like the backpack style which I can never find, I’ve decided on McCall 6176, view D which looks like the bottom two pictures here:


Although I’ll hopefully be making it out of something with a bit less childish of a print (I originally wrote “a lot less childish” then decided that was a tall order).  At any rate, the instructions are already byzantine and I simply refuse to follow some of them — I’m not fusing regular interfacing on top of fleece, then not interfacing a lining, thank you very much — and so I’m planning to improvise some of this. It should go swimmingly. Pack up the babies and grab the old ladies, as my mother would say.


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  1. Someday, I will design my own fabric and print it on Spoonflower. Someday when I have a real job ‘n income ‘n all that.

    Good luck with the backpacky bags thing. Every once in a while, as I contemplate my dissatisfaction with my purse of the day, I think about making one. So far the thought is still making me cringe, but I suspect that one day, I will succumb… (there was an Oliver & S bag pattern I saw and really liked—you could carry it like a backpack, or like a regular tote, depending on something funky with the straps—but I think it’s out of print.)

    • Eh, don’t let the job/income thing stop you. If everybody buys your fabric, you get royalties! OR something like royalties, I think. I don’t really understand how royalties work.

      The bag has already caused creative swearing. Mistake #1 — making it out of stiff fabric with a print that “catches” on the machine/foot as you sew. On the plus side, the parts I have finished DO look good.

  2. I am also a cheap sunglass wearer, as I regularly crush them with my big fat ass… I mean, beneath my dainty derrierre. Nah, it’s more the first one.

    • I never put mine in my back pocket, as I would totally do that. However, I have knocked them out of my shirt front more times than I really want to count.

  3. Oh you had me laughing, the Catholic guilt, the DR WHO FABRIC!!! Pack up the babies and grab the old ladies… it’s a good thing I’m alone at the moment.

    Sewing By the Seat of My Pants did a shirt out of the Dr Who fabric. I’m torn between showing my husband the fabric and not showing him. He might want a shirt that I’m not ready to make (how she matched up all those prints…) and now going to Spoonflower, I realized there is fabric I could have made for him. It’s an amusing story, I’ll tell it at some point.

    I’ve said it before, there is a discrepency in spending in our house too (although neither of us are fussy on sunglasses). I find he encourages me to spend on fabric more often than not and I think it’s so he feels better about the latest amp/guitar/amazon order. Particularly if there has been a recent “drunk dialing” of amazon where he forgets that he didn’t just look at the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon from the early 80’s, the “order now” button was clicked while looking.

    • Oh no.. they have Firefly fabric… damn it. I could resist the Dr Who fabric, but Firefly? At some point that is ending up in my house.

    • Ha, the Hubs is an inveterate collector of technological gadgets but he can write some of them off for his work, so that helps. The funny thing is that whenever something frustrates him, he swears off new technology for the foreseeable future. The foreseeable future usually lasts until the next time someone comes up with something cool. This is why he owns both an iPad and an iPad II, etc.

      I don’t sew for the Hubs, thank goodness (he’s big and tall, and the fabric for a shirt alone would be $50 — at Spoonflower, more like $90). He loves it when I dress geeky, gothy or punky, though, so in a way I do make my clothes for him.

      I hear you on the Firefly love. It is a marvelous thing.

  4. Any store with Dr. Who fabric is automatically fabulous.

  5. I got a very expensive (well, for me anyway) pair of sunglasses for my birthday once. They fit my face well and I really like them. I keep them in my purse, protected by a very hard case. And I never use them. Well, very very rarely. I usually keep a cheapo pair in the car that I throw on when driving or just go sans glasses. I am so afraid I will lose or break the good ones that they get no use. I think this pretty much negates the entire purpose of having really nice glasses.

    If you make that backback, you must also make the little stuffed friend to hang off of it. I believe it’s the rule. You don’t have to look it up, just trust me. I’m a lawyer.

    • No good, I’ve known too many lawyers. *eyes Misty suspiciously*

      I’m terrible about not using my really nice things either. That’s just silly. What are we going to do, be buried in them? Let’s make a pact — you use your sunglasses and I’ll use my good shoes/clothes. Deal?

  6. If I made lingerie out of Dalek fabric I would have 1 very happy husband. Luckilly, that isn’t a real priority for me.
    I am the queen of the $9.99 1 armed sunglasses at Target. As soon as I buy a pair of sunglasses the screw on one side immediately begins to unscrew on it’s own. It’s just one of my secret skills.

    • The lingerie isn’t a priority, or the happy husband? Could be an issue, ha.

      I am all over the Target sunglasses, but I get the $15 ones. For some reason, they seem to last until I lose them, usually every 6 months or so.

  7. “I’m planning to improvise some of this.” Famous last words.

    Triple points for use of the word “byzantine” in a sentence. Not easy to do. I should know. I’ve been TRYING.

    Honestly–screw the backpack and make a tote bag. Super easy, done in a few hours. Life is short. Don’t fuck around with zippers.

    • “I’m planning to improvise some of this,” is now going on my cremated remains jar. You know, just in case.

      I would do a tote bag, but zippers are non-negotiable on all my bags. Seriously, I once had a Very Bad Experience with running to catch a bus + a snap-top bag. It’s zips or nothing for me now.

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