New Look 6538 – the Laverne and Shirley skirt

Here it is, y’all — the final iteration of New Look 6538 and the one that gave me all the fits.  I’ve decided that it reminds me very much of something that would have been worn by Laverne or Shirley — maybe even with a fitted sweater and neck scarf — so I’ve mentally christened it the Laverne and Shirley skirt.

No idea why my t-shirt went all glow-y in the flash?

It’s very comfortable and fits pretty well — my one regret is that I cut out my corduroy wrap version of this pattern with a 14 back and a 12 front, and I think I could have cut this out in the same size to get a slightly tighter fit in the waist.  I cut it in a straight 14 all around.  I did add belt loops, partly because I think denim skirts look weird without belt loops and partly because it’ll help the whole thing stay up.

I was lucky enough to find buttons in two sizes that I liked – 7/8″ for the waistband and 11/16″ for the rest of the skirt.  I think that gives a nice RTW effect since the waistband button is usually larger.  The buttons did cost a mint, but I don’t plan on making another version of this skirt for a while — the styling is too distinctive.

I had a Sci Fi Sunday post planned out, but the weekend got away from me.  I’ll save it for next week, since this is a book I think you’ll want to see.  On the plus side, I’ve been putting in a lot of work into a project that I’ll be showing you soon.  Also, I said the next thing I did would be a pair of pants, right?  Well, you know me and my promises….stay tuned!

Excuse me while I go love on a needy cat.


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  1. I love this. I really, really like the cut of it on you. *fist bump* on the pockets.

    • Thanks! The pockets came out so nice — they were supposed to have buttons on them as well but I felt that was overkill, and I’m glad I left them off.

  2. That turned out cute. I have my eyes open for denim skirts right now. I might “need” this pattern.

    • Unfortunately, it’s OOP but they show up on Ebay all the time — there’s a couple of them up for auction right now. Sizing is 6-16, though New Look runs at least a size large if not two. Butterick 5649 looks a bit similar, and lightweight denim is one of the recommended fabrics, so that might be an option?

  3. Love it. A denim skirt just seems to practical to me. I love your choice in buttons, worth the investment for something that will be easy to wear over and over.

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