I’m Bringing Sexy Back, Because It Didn’t Fit

I’m blaming today on Shane. Yeah, that’s right, the whole day — I was going to confine myself to this post but then I thought, why aim low?

In case you don’t know Shane, he’s the very funny blogger at Wag the Dad (http://www.wagthedad.com/) who gave me a shout-out this morning. Which I appreciate — I do, I’m not ungrateful or anything — but then he had to go and say, “This is a site about sewing, which didn’t turn me on until I had to buy a sewing machine for Barbara and discovered how sexy domestic life can be.” Frankly, that’s way too much for me to live up to…..not to mention that once he discovers how unsexy domestic life can REALLY be, he’ll probably blame me. That’s just how we roll around here.

So, I have my newly highlighted (very sexy) hair, I’m sewing buttons on a skirt (I know you’re getting excited) and listening to this song:

That’s the sexiest thing I’ve done today, aside from having another woman shampoo my scalp.


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  1. LMAO.

    I wish my hubby found sewing sexy. Apparently the only domestic things that turn him on are the ones I hate, like scrubbing the floor and baking…

    Hmm, TMI? I’ll blame that on Shane, too. 🙂

    • Ooh, I like baking! But I think that one is a pretty much universal man-pleaser. We’ll blame the floor scrubbing on Shane ’cause that’s just WEIRD.

  2. I think my husband is secretly attracted to older women in aprons- he never seems to mind accompanying me to Hancock fabric. Supportive of domestic arts or looking for a sem-retired love slave???

    • Whatever the reason, enjoy the lack of complaint. Every last man in my life would be happy if I never darkened the doorway of JoAnns again. In fact, I have a child who refers to it as, “that store where they hate kids.”

      I don’t think they hate kids, they’re just really grumpy.

  3. Ah, great post, and I forgot how much I liked the Corrs.

    My husband is really supportive, encourages me to set aside time for sewing, asks if there are sewing things I want for my birthday or whatever. But… I think part of it is that I don’t spend money on myself and he has somewhat expensive hobbies. So for him, it’s about self care and evening out the spending. No matter how much fabric I buy, it’s going to take a while to even out to his ah… 4 guitars. I’m not quite sure how many are down there now that I think of it, some are of better quality than others as he wants to learn how to take them apart and fix them.

    Also, I love getting my hair cut, generally put it off and then wonder why I did when it’s so lovely to have someone else wash your hair and make you pretty.

    • Yeah, the Hubs started out encouraging me in my sewing since he collects computers and expensive technology.

      He probably kind of regrets that now. Hahaha.

      I love getting my hair cut too! I was just thinking about that, when I actually don’t like being pampered in other ways (can’t stand manicures, etc) but having my hair done is such a relaxing experience.

  4. Yo, that scalp massage/shampoo combo makes my eyes roll back. Sexy indeed.

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