Pinky, I am in Considerable Pain

This is my hundredth post.  That’s kind of impressive, given that I started this blog to track my progress in a jeans sew-along.  The sew-along is long over, but I’m still here.  Ow.

I’d be profound and all, but I have a headache — the type that feels like the back of your skull is trying to push your brain out through your eyes. Yes, I’ve taken painkillers and they’re keeping things down to a dull ache but the headache isn’t going anywhere. I’d love to be able to show you my second finished skirt, but my progress today went like this:

1. Run to JoAnns to buy buttons. Discover the only buttons I like cost an arm and a leg. Use coupons, buy buttons anyway for $9. This still seems outrageous.

2. Come home, make buttonholes, use Fray Check on fabric. Wait forever for Fray Check to dry.

3. Cut open buttonholes. Make a mess of that because the edges are not finished enough.

4. Attempt to hand-finish buttonholes. Give that up quickly as a bad idea.

5. Finish the messy buttonholes with small zig-zag on machine. This works but makes holes a bit uneven and bulky.

6. Realize the only way to put in the hem is to rip out topstitching. Toss skirt aside in frustration.

7. Use online tutorial to make a supposedly “easy” skirt. Realize too late that back part is cut out way too small and “easy” skirt will now be considerably more difficult. Toss skirt aside in frustration.

8. In process, discover that sewing machine light bulb burned out and needs to be replaced.

9. Give up and devote yourself to good works among the poor and hungry.

Ok, not so much that last part — I just put sewing aside and went to do something less frustrating, like parenting preteens. Hopefully this headache goes away by the morning.


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  1. I get those squeezing my brain out headaches — try laying one of those soft gel-filled ice packs under your head, that usually works. Or just get hammered, so then you’ll have a REASON to have a headache!

  2. Oh, I think putting it to the side was a good call. Time to curl up in a bath with a book and glass of wine and call it a day. I hope you woke up feeling better.

    • I don’t drink wine (I’m allergic to the tannins — they give me a headache, and how ironic is that?) but a White Russian and a book would definitely be a better option than continuing to plug away at my projects!

  3. You can at least take solace in not attempting to sew over not-quite-dried-fray-check. Or did you? That is a M-E-S-S.

    Once you get frustrated you begin circling the drain and mistakes multiply like fruit flies. Best to take a break. Especially if you have a headache.

    • I didn’t this time, but I have before. You’re right about the M-E-S-S. Also, squeezing Fray Check too hard until it bursts out of the bottle and getting blots all over your fabric. Live and learn, hopefully to avoid doing that again!

  4. Sometiems you just need to step away from the machine. I like to retire to the love seat in the Sewers bordello and watch old episodes of Toddlers and Tiaras in such an event. It numbs me!
    It will all look doable in the morning.

  5. Ouch. Sounds like a more than frustrating day. Hope the pain fades, because we must prepare for tomorrow night. What are we going to do tomorrow night you ask? The same thing we do every night . . . try to TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!

    ((sorry, didn’t mean to yell, I know your head hurts))

  6. You get bonus points in my book for referencing Pinky and the Brain. I am more than familiar with sewing frustrations– you really can’t do that stuff with a headache. Does your sewing machine have a button-hole option? It takes a few tries to get used to, but it’s so much easier than trying to zigzag every hole. I’m sure you’re skirt is going to turn out awesome anyway.

    • Thanks! My machine does have one-step buttonholes, but I find they’re less than reliable in thicker fabric. On the thin stuff, like shirting? Works great. On the thicker fabrics, the zig zag tends to extend into the buttonhole area and it’s impossible to cut them open without cutting some of the threads. I need to experiment on fixing this.

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