Still Plugging Away at New Look 6538

Well, my corduroy skirt is MOSTLY finished.  Almost all of it, in fact, except for the buttons that need to be sewn on and a few bits hand-tacked to the inside.  So why isn’t it done?  Because I spent all morning working on this:

Also New Look 6538

The more eagle-eyed among you will recognize this as the other view on the envelope.  What can I say, I had some denim that begged to be used up and I need bottoms for fall.

Technically, I really need pants but I like being able to sew up a skirt, make a few adjustments and KNOW it will fit.  Whereas with pants, even cutting out a size larger and taking it in is no guarantee it will resemble anything decent on my figure.  I’m going to be making pants later this week however, since I have a stash of heavyweight material that is crying out to be used up and I’m tired of skirts.  Be prepared for a lot of swearing.  On the plus side, I have some bag patterns that make good use of scraps of twill…


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  1. I am not very good at the last details either. I need the feeling of wanting to wear something now to get it done. Which is why I would not be good at sewing out of season.

    I like the denim version. I bet you’ll get a lot of wear out of that.

    • Yeah, we’re having indian summer right now and sewing this stuff is hard — but I’ll be running around a lot in October and I want something to wear then!

      I love denim, as far as sewing — it is THE most forgiving material. Unfortunately, a lot of home sewing patterns are really designed for denim’s lighter cousins….twill, poplin, sateen. Great fabrics, all, but not nearly as hard wearing especially with pants and daytime skirts.

  2. I’m hoping for a self-hemming blessing for my sewing room. Thats the part that bogs me don’t- especially when other pretty projects are just calling to me!

    • I don’t mind hand-hemming when I can sit down and watch a TV show or something….but even time to do that seems hard to come by these days! Also, I have a needy cat who likes to sleep on my lap as I’m trying to sew….it’s very cutenoying (cute + annoying).

  3. The pockets look great. I’ll get ready for the swearing. Pants are a real pain, fit-wise. Good luck!

    • Thanks, I’ll try to keep it down to a dull roar! I find shorts somewhat easier because I like my shorts baggy, so I just make them a bit big. However, I’m not a fan of baggy pants so….

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