Rub Alcohol Blues

I was a competitive swimmer for twelve years. Twelve years is a long time, and they were my primary growing years too. I have a permanently enlarged rib cage, seriously wonky sinuses and a propensity towards outer ear infections. Mostly, I treat the ears by pouring rubbing alcohol in them. It stings a bit, burns when I’m getting an infection, but usually it works. When it doesn’t is when things get really sucky in a medical way. So my left ear is currently on its way to needing antibiotics and my version of rub alcohol blues would be about how it’s not WORKING on my ear — all of which has nothing to do with this song, and how much I like the Fiery Furnances.¬†But never mind me, carry on dearies.



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  1. I did competitive swimming too, until I started working at the pool. Not at any high level, we just couldn’t afford it and when my mom explained what I had to give up for early morning practices across the city rather than across the road, I thought what I was doing was just fine. I did not appreciate the muscular thighs I had from swimming when I was in high school and stirrup pants were in fashion.

    I hope your ears recover quickly. Ear infections suck.

    • The clogged sensation is gone, so that’s an improvement. Still have to keep dosing the ears with the alcohol for now.

      I can remember when stirrup pants were in fashion (yikes), but I didn’t care about the muscles I got from swimming as much as the stress relief. I still work out largely for the endorphin high — that’s probably the only reason I was willing to get up at ass-o-clock as a kid.

  2. Loved the song. I’ve never heard of this band, so it was nice to hear something new.

    My daughter is a swimmer–she’s 9 and been doing it about a year. She doesn’t like to go to meets yet–but she loves practicing. It seems like such a great sport–I’m hopeful she continues.

    • If you liked that, they have another song called “Blueberry Boat” that I love. Might not be safe for work or kids, depending on your personal preferences, but good song anyhow.

      Your daughter is me all over — loved practice, hated competition. At least until I got to high school and college, where there is more team spirit. None of my kids have chosen swimming, but they all have their personal obsessions which I happily encourage.

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