I Terrorized An Old Lady For This Sweater

Yeah, I’m not proud but whatevs. Look at this beauty:

Nice, huh?

Did anyone else catch the craziness of the Missoni opening at Target on Tuesday? I did.

Remember, this was the same day I was so tired I thought I might fall over any minute? However, Oldest has been borrowing my hairbrush every morning and it was causing snarls (and not just in my hair), so I headed over to Target after dropping the kids off at school. I vaguely remembered that the Missoni stuff was coming in that day and thought it might be nice to browse, on my way to pick up a hairbrush. If I remembered to stay awake.

Target opens at 8. I arrived at 8:32 am. First sign of something odd: the parking lot was full, which is unheard of on a weekday morning in September. I still wasn’t prepared for walking in to mayhem. People were swooping down on the displays like starving vultures. Accessories was bare. Housewares was bare. The shoe section looked like it had been ravaged by particularly stylish raptors — sort of Jurassic Park meets The September Issue. I grabbed a few things off the clothing racks and headed to the dressing room with a herd of other women. Look, I was tired and my defenses were down; that’s my excuse.

I grabbed this sweater — literally — out of the hands of a woman who had just come out of the dressing room and was handing it back to the clerk. I tried it on in front of the mirror. It looked good. A tentative older lady sidled up to me, pointing at the sweater. “Are you?….”

“I’m buying it,” I snapped and she backed away quickly. I ended up hauling ass to the checkout before anyone could grab it out of my cart. At the checkout, people had their carts piled high with everything Missoni.  Kids’ clothes, adult clothes, blankets, trash baskets. I envisioned houses where entire families blended into their surroundings or worse, gave each other constant migraines. I guess you have to hope they were all buying for the resale market. I mean, this stuff is so distinctive, I can’t really see wanting a wardrobe full of it. Not to mention, it ain’t cheap.

That is not a misprint. They were all priced in that ballpark. Cheaper than designer but STILL.

In sewing news, I’ve been working on New Look 6538. Remember the corduroy skirt I flung aside in exasperation because it was too hot? Yeah, well, the temps have come down and I finally started working on it. This is how far I’ve gotten:

Looks much better on, I promise. On me, that is, not the floor.

Here’s a pic of the pattern so you can see the design better:

New Look 6538, now sadly out of print.

I’m making view C on the left, but I also like View A with the front buttons and pockets. Look for that in my fall rotation!

I thought of wearing the skirt with the sweater:

But no.  They sort of “go” but I don’t think they’re close enough to the same color family, and I’m pretty sure the heavy corduroy will look odd with the lightweight rayon knit.  Oh well, I have plenty of black to match with the sweater.

For those of you who’ve read this far and are still worried about my brushless offspring, fear not. I grabbed a pack of combs at the checkout.


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  1. I think the skirt goes fine. It doesn’t have to be exactly matchy-matchy when the pattern/colors of the sweater are so distinctive. The skirt takes a back seat. I would wear it.

  2. I agree with Debbie, but I’m fantastically color-blind, so don’t trust me! Well, that’s not the only reason not to trust me… And if Offspring steals your hairbrush again, you are hereby authorized to shave Offspring’s head.

  3. Oh, no! That sounds reminiscent of Christmas at Walmart. Ouch! I keep hearing that Target is supposed to be appearing up here, but I haven’t seen it yet…

    I also think the skirt and the sweater look good together, but I guess it depends what shirt etc. you’re wearing (and how accurate the colours in the photograph are, since that’s always a wild-card).

    I love that pattern illustration—obviously you need to wear the skirt with knee-high lace-up boots.

  4. Obviously! I don’t own any knee-high boots at the moment, clearly a sign I need to go shopping.

    I think I’ll withhold judgment on the skirt/sweater until I can try on everything with it. I stick by what I said about the fabric weight, though — the corduroy IS heavy, and my instinct is that it might work better with thermal, flannel or wool on top.

  5. I think we’ll need to see the skirt as an outfit to really call if it works with the sweater. I’m with Debbie that it is likely close enough and the tights etc may pull it all together. I get hot more so than cold so I’d probably like the lighter sweater with a heavier bottom.

    I really like the skirt. Simple lines but not boring and a great colour. My kind of skirt.

    • Thanks! I’m considering making this skirt in denim or black as well, since I think it would make a great basic and/or lend itself to embellishment if I get bored with it.

  6. I think it blends well and I’m trying not to hate you for getting the Missoni stuff at yout Target- you know when things say ‘in select areas’? I do not live in a select area. Our Target has a camo area.

  7. Wow. That Missoni business is nuts. I think the sweater will be tough to match up with the right bottoms–but if you get it right, it will be fantastic. If it were me, I’d be trolling the Missoni site to see how the designer manages to balance out such vivid colors and design. Without a little design help, it would perplex me.

    That skirt, on the other hand, is a solid gold staple. You could wear virtually anything with that and be super fly. Nicely done.

    • Missoni thinks it is perfectly ok to dress in head-to-toe Missoni. In fact, their designer look is an “Oh crap, my eyeballs are bleeding” moment. So yeah, not taking too many cues from that. I’m thinking more Missoni top + boringly normal bottoms = something that won’t frighten small children.

      And thanks for the compliment! I strive for super fly every day.

  8. Ok, first . . . I have never heard of this Missoni. Yes, I know nothing of design or fashion. Or anything else really. Second, I am sure you are just messing with us because I have never ever seen any clothing item sold at Tar-jay with a $50 price tag. So I am not believing it. Third (yes, I’m still going) when I first saw the sweater/skirt combo, my initial reaction was the same as yours, because the purple/pink (fuschia?) stripe running vertical under the buttons seems to be just off enough to not look right, but then I looked closer and saw the teeny tiny purple stripe in the sweater that seems to actually match the skirt. Not sure how it will look altogether, but we will see when it is combined for realz. Final decision withheld until then. (very cute sweater, though! Nice catch, old ladies be damned).

    • ALL the Tar-jay designer stuff is priced like that. That’s why this is the first time I’ve bought any of it because srsly? I can get Target’s house brand at twice the quality for one-third the price. It’s embarrassing (mostly for Target, but I guess for me too now that I’ve bought into it).

      Old ladies are just going to have to bring their A game with us around.

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