This is Not a Tutorial — Fixing a Back Waist Gap

By which I mean, I’m pretty sure someone posted a proper tutorial for how to do this online, but I can’t find it.  So I’m just going to tell you what I did in my own terms.

Everybody with a swayback knows the perennial gaposis in skirts and pants, when a garment fits everywhere except at that critical back waist dip.  I had an Old Navy corduroy skirt that I bought last year for $6, and I really liked it but the back waist gaped so badly that even a belt couldn’t cinch it in enough.  After giving it away and getting it back from a friend who couldn’t fit into it either, I decided it was cheap enough to be worth trying the following fix:

Step 1: Use your seam ripper and/or small scissors to open two slits in the INSIDE waistband only.  I made mine about 5/8″ to the front of the side belt loops because I wanted to sew close to the belt loops and hide some of the stitching.

Step 2: Run a length of 1″ elastic (or whatever fits your waistband) through the two slits and safety pin, then try on the garment and adjust until it fits.

You can see here where I've pinned mine.

Step 3: Run a row or two of stitching through waistband and elastic, to the side of the belt loop, securing both ends well for stability.

Step 4: Cut the elastic close to the stitching, then poke the ends back through the slits on the waistband.  Whipstitch the two openings closed.

Step 5: Use a lint brush to remove cat hair.

Step 6: Put on the garment and marvel that it actually fits.

Don't forget to suck in your stomach when modeling. Whoa, blurry pic.

There you go, folks.  Gaposis solved and you get to channel your inner six-year-old all at once.


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  1. Very sneaky, I like that. For one or two work pants I’ve gone to the effort of taking the waistband off, adding darts, sewing it back on. I can’t say I enjoyed the process but for one of the pants I had a jacket that matched so it was worth the effort to have a full suit that fit nicely. That said, I did that over 6 years ago and I haven’t since. I like the elastic suggestion. I might have to go through my closet to see if there is something that would work on.

  2. You’re pulling me over to the dark side, A. Every time I come here, I want to try sewing again more and more. I think to myself…”Oh, I can do this fix. She makes it look so easy.”

    I guess that’s what pros do- make their work look easy.

    • Yes, I’m a pro! Oh wait, that sounds….unfortunate.

      Sewing is one of those things that you just learn as you go. There are plenty of people in blogland who have been sewing for a year or a few months, learning from books and online courses, and are turning out amazing work. In fact, I’m jealous of them….I have to do something three times before it makes any sense to me.

      We’ll turn you into one of us yet….

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