The Eighties Called. They Want Me Back.

Thanks, everyone for your kind words and comments! I had every intention of blogging yesterday, but we were one of the families affected by the Western states power outage. Truth be told, the whole thing was pretty uneventful. Aside from having to drive Middlest to football practice through approximately 20 non-working stoplights — good thing we live in a residential area with relatively light traffic and stoplights that conk out so often, everybody is experienced in the stop-and-go game. Oh, and having to hold the burner while Oldest waved a light inches from my face so I could get the gas stove on to cook dinner. And sitting with Youngest while he took a bath by candlelight because it was too dark. And packing all the meat into ice chests so it wouldn’t spoil, and taking the garage door offline so we could close it — only to have to reverse everything when the power came back on last night. The kids were out of school today — they said due to uncertainty about power availability, but I honestly think it’s because everyone was exhausted from all the drama.

I cut out a corduroy skirt two days ago, and flung it aside in exasperation due to the heat wave. Before you feel too sorry for me, I’ve lived here for years. Went to school here. And am still shocked by how hot autumn winds up being. Every year. Which probably makes me a bona fide idiot. Anyhow, I cut this out instead:

Misses' Pants & ShortsNew Look 6055, View E (the short shorts)

I left off the belt loops because I think it looks silly to have belt loops AND a drawstring, but otherwise I made them as advertised in a size 14. The end result reminds me not so much of the simple shorts I wanted to make but more something the Golden Girls would wear to work out in. See this picture:

The t-shirt match is unintentional, I promise.

Now picture it on them:

Yep, looks better on them.  Of course, it helps if I don’t tuck in my shirt disco-style.

Well, I think it helps. A little. Sorry about the spot, that was dinner.

Anyhow, since I’m channelling the Eighties and I need a pump it up ballad, this is what is in my music rotation right now.  This pretty much sums it up:







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  1. I think they’re super groovy in all the right ways! Oh, and (light)saber toothed tiger? I died laughing. 🙂

  2. Nah, I don’t think Rose would wear those. Or Dorothy. Unless they have a matching long vest. 😉

  3. I’m new to your blog, but honestly–I’m not believing that t-shirt was accidental for a second. If you could just pull those shorts up a couple more inches–you’re in like flynn and ready for some Boy George.

  4. They do need to be shorter, don’t they? With a curved hem and gym short binding to really complete the look.

    I picked out that fabric from the closet because my serger already had gray thread in it. The fact that it matched the shirt I was wearing yesterday is just a reflection of how many gray and/or zebra striped things I own. Short answer: too many, obviously.

  5. All I can add is… Wham!

    Power outages can really throw a loop, can’t they?

  6. OK, I like it. It definitely channels the eighties, but it’s good. Really. I don’t know jack about sewing or how hard it was, but I like that.

  7. They certainly are comfortable — I wore them around the house and felt fabulous.

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