Sci-Fi Sunday

What I read this week (technically fantasy, but we’ll overlook that):

Castle Waiting


Castle Waiting by Linda Medley.

Castle Waiting by Linda Medley. I love the concept of the graphic novel but struggle to read some of them. Often, I find the story and the pictures compete for attention in my head. Not so with Castle Waiting, which retells the story of Sleeping Beauty but transcends the original — fitting in references to other fairy tales, and managing to be at once comic, tragic and beautiful. Jain is pregnant, wandering, and finds refuge at the Castle where Sleeping Beauty has long since run off with the Prince. Jain’s story intertwines with that of the friends and companions she makes in the Castle.  There is a great deal of insight into relationships and the nature of society in the overlapping stories that are told by those who have come to the Castle for refuge. The end result is a graphic novel that views the world from a very girl-positive standpoint. My library has this in the Older Teen section, but I would encourage adults to give it a read. There is also a Volume 2 available for those who want to continue Jain’s story.


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  1. OOO. you know what this made me think of (and I really don’t know why because it’s not sci-fi, but it is considered a “fantasy” graphic novel)

    Have you read The Lost Girls. Totally inappropriate for the kiddies to stumble on, but so very interesting.

  2. (And we all come out to recommend books.)
    Hi! Unlurking! “In the Forest of Forgetting” by Theodora Goss?

    I’ll go look for your book.

  3. I have a similar problem with graphic novels (comics of any kind)… I read too fast, and don’t absorb the pictures. It’s kinda too bad since I really like the *idea* of the medium…

    Thanks for the recommend :).

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