Sci Fi Sunday

You won’t usually find me promoting a book I got for free on the Kindle. Primarily because most things are worth what you pay for them. However, I’m gonna make an exception in this case:

Product Details

Moon Dance by J.R. Rain is far better than its humble price would suggest. Yes, the vampire-as-protagonist trope is getting old — really, really old. But Moon Dance attracted me for one main reason — the main character is a happily married mother of two who is attacked, becomes a vampire, and has to deal with the crumbling of her fantasy life. It was refreshing to read a depiction of vampires that didn’t suggest that being bitten by one is the fast track to a long and happy afterlife. In fact, Samantha Moon has to deal with some very practical and serious problems — how do you pick up your kids from school when you’re allergic to sunlight, for instance? How to deal with a spouse who is creeped out by your deadly cold body? How to hide your condition from a world that still doesn’t recognize vampirism? All these strong ties to reality make Moon Dance and its sequels a worthy addition to the vampire canon.

In other news, I just discovered I’ve been wearing my underpants inside out for the second time in two days.  I’m not sure what this signifies, aside from I should probably stop getting dressed in the dark…..



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