Simplicity 2364 — The Little Top That Could

I finished something! Even more impressive, this is my first successful top in a knit fabric. Oh, I’ve sewn with knits before and I’ve made shirts before, but I always had problems — largely with the neckline. I picked this pattern partly because it doesn’t require you to bind or otherwise finish the neckline.

Headless due to bad hair day. Month. Year, really.

I promise the collar does not normally look this wonky; the Hubs took this photo and is rubbish at posing.  This was a very, very easy pattern to complete — I did view B and it came out looking pretty much like the pattern cover:

Misses' Knit Tops  The only problem I ran into was that the sleeves are drafted with WAY too much cap room. They want you to ease the sleeves (on a knit? hah) but even with gathers, there is too much ease. I got exasperated and just sewed over the gathers to make a puff at the sleeve top. It worked fine, but I think next time I’ll redraw the sleeves to take out part of the sleeve cap. Also, this material? Is ridiculously stretchy and limp. Suggesting this fabric has no body is like saying Tiger Woods has a slight problem with fidelity. I sewed the whole shirt on my machine with a stretch stitch because I couldn’t bring myself to spend that much time wrestling with my serger. I buy most of my fabric from little holes in the wall that specialize in mill ends, so I like to try to picture the garments that would have been made with it originally. The only thing I can come up with here is leggings? Or maybe underpants? Anyway, it worked ok for this shirt but something a bit less droopy would have been even better. I’m definitely making this pattern again as soon as I pick up some appropriate knit.


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  1. Bravo! You may not like fabric bt your top looks wonderful. This is such a terrific pattern.

  2. It looks nice, and I love the print! I hate those knit fabrics that just droop and grow, though…

  3. Oooh- that is too cute!Love the built in shrug! Why are the husbands so bad at the pic taking? Mine never bothers to tell me facings are out or skirts are wrinkled into crotch smiles?!

    • My theory? They’re terrified of trying to put something straight and being ridiculed for fixing a design feature.

      Either that, or they really don’t notice. I mean, if they can not notice a kitchen full of dirty dishes for days…..

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