They’re BAAAACK…….

Ok, it’s just me that’s back, but I really wanted to use this picture.  Hah.  I’m on an interim laptop until I can get a new hard drive for my old one — not the perfect scenario, but it beats being without a computer.

We don’t have poltergeists here — at least, I assume we don’t, as nothing has levitated yet — but we’re definitely in the dog days of summer.  These are the times that try moms’ souls.  The kids have been camped, enriched and entertained within an inch of their lives.  School doesn’t start for another two weeks.  Even TV is getting boring.  And it’s just way too hot.

Also, I have sewist’s block.

What to make next?

Misses' Knit Tops

I like this pattern and I have the materials to make View B with the short sleeves.


McCall 6410.  I especially like the backpack.

Or I could start my fall sewing — denim and camo bottoms.  That’s kind of where I’m leaning at the moment.  It’s just….I did mention the heat, right?  I enjoy hot and heavy but not in my sewing.

Tomorrow, we set off to finish (well, mostly) back-to-school shopping.  Oldest has outgrown absolutely everything he owns and will be naked in short order.  I’d try sewing for him, but I’m pretty sure he’s growing faster than I can complete anything.

Excuse me while I go stick my entire upper torso out of the window and see if I can catch a stray breeze.


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  1. I feel your pain! I know I need to focus on fall stuff, but the whole idea of putting on anything heavier than gauze for try on is just painful!

  2. Your kids are still at home? Schools in WBGV have been back in session for almost a week! What gods did y’all offend???

    • There are gods for this?!? I thought we just offended the school board.

      I kid, I kid. We get out way later than everyone else — June 23rd this year — which actually makes sense because our weather is cool through June and hot in July and August. Only trouble is, all the organized stuff happens in July because that’s the one month EVERYBODY is out of school. Then there’s nothing to do in August and everybody leaves town except us ’cause we be too broke.

  3. Ohmygod, I am counting the days till school starts. Let’s run away until then.

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