Back in Black

Actual conversation in my house this evening:

Me:  I need you to come upstairs to take pictures for my blog.

The Hubs: NAKED?!?

Me: WOULD I post naked pictures on my blog?  You know, never mind, don’t answer that….

Usual bathroom shot, except this time you get to see my head. Poor you.

Finally finished Butterick 6085 and my third version of New Look 6083. I had these red buttons in my stash from back when I made doll clothes and they were a perfect match for this blouse, so I didn’t have to run out and buy anything. Also, I find it really weird when blouse/dress patterns ask for 5/8″ buttons. The industry standard is 3/8″ like the ones I’m sporting here. The blouse pulls a bit, but I’m calling it a good day and looking for a different pattern for next time.

I also realized that while I was not planning to wear these two items together, they actually coordinate wonderfully. Because I had shirting material at hand when I was making the skirt and grabbed it for my pocket lining. Not like anyone can see it, but it’s kind of fun.

Lots of new projects in the pipeline and exciting things afoot! As my 80-year-old grandmother said when I told her that I couldn’t wait to get older so life would slow down, “Shoot, I’m still waiting.”


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  1. I’d like a blouse like that! Seriously, it would be right at home in my wardrobe.
    I often wonder about patterns calling for larger buttons too. There are some instances where the buttons can actually be a cool design element, but other times, the larger ones seem to point out the handmade aspect. Does it have something to do with the actual buttonhole making, I wonder?

    • Thanks! I was going for a bit of a rockabilly vibe.

      With today’s automatic buttonhole feature, I think it’s pretty easy to make buttonholes in any size you need. Pattern companies often stick with really old-fashioned instructions though, so there must have been some reason for the 5/8″ buttons. Maybe they were just easier to find?

  2. Yep good blouse/shirt/top/whatever-do-we-call-these-things-nowdays? Like the buttons – not sure how much bigger the 5/8″ would look though compared with those you have on it already …. I’m so not an expert. Anyway, good blouse and I like the buttons! Did I say that already?

    • Thanks! Yes, you’re repeating yourself…..more coffee, perhaps?

      On a shirt front, 5/8″ is actually pretty big. It’s the size that more often gets used on trousers or skirts in ready-to-wear. Currently, the style in store-bought button down tops is very small buttons — not only 3/8″ but a lot of 1/4″ as well.

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