Know Thyself

I still need to put buttonholes and buttons on Butterick 6085.  I had a moment of thinking that it wasn’t worthwhile because of all the fit issues, so I decided to sew a black jean skirt instead.  I used New Look 6083, which is becoming a TNT for me.

I finished the back and front today.

Then I decided to take the blouse off the mannequin and try it on one more time.  Admittedly, you can’t see much due to the flash but here was the result:

Just pretend that flash is me radiating AWESOME.

Seriously, fit issues?  WHAT fit issues?  This was a good lesson in letting a project sit when you’re too exasperated to see it clearly anymore.  Granted, there’s some pulling but I would expect that on a shirt made out of relatively stiff stretch cotton.

I’m making a fist here because I’m trying not to move and expose my chest. Not because of any latent violent tendencies or anything….

Anyhoo, there’s a lot of talk in the blogiverse about fall sewing.  I live in the Southwest, where we have two seasons — rain and road construction.  I’m not big on changing my sewing style come fall because our hot weather actually extends into November.  However, this week has been an object lesson in what I actually wear.  My denim version of New Look 6083, the black McCalls 6328 shorts with pleats, and the New Look 6975 pajama pants all made the cut.  I wear a lot of black, which goes with the subcultural preference.  This is leading me to the conclusion that I need to be doing a lot more sewing with an eye to what’s NOT in my closet.  I’m also considering doing some sewing challenges and/or competitions to push my own boundaries.

Why, yes, I’m competitive.  It comes with the gangsta mojo.


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  1. Letting it rest is very good advise- it looks great!

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