Sci Fi Sunday — More Eye Candy

With the demise of Stargate Universe and the hopefully temporary hiatus of Sanctuary and Being Human, I’m running low on my science fiction hottie fix. For the moment, the gaping hole is being somewhat filled by these guys:

Warren Christie as Cameron Hicks in Alphas. Hicks’ superpower is phenomenal feats of athleticism. If you don’t think he’s hot, google pictures of him with hair. And if you still don’t think he’s hot, watch the video of the episode where he does a back flip off the wall. AWESOME.

Eric Balfour as Duke Crocker in Haven. I admit that this is a total love/hate relationship. I love grown men named things like Duke, but Crocker is ANNOYING. And cocky. He reminds me of one of my exes, and not in a good way. However, his character is growing on me — he’s been allowed to have real flashes of emotion and insight in this, Haven’s second season. Besides, we need another majestic chin now that Bruce Campbell has stopped making zombie movies and is a regular on Burn Notice.


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