Summer Playlist — The County Fair Will Make Your Ears Bleed

Hey guys! Is there anything better than spending all day doing this:

Lame photo in which you can see the side of Oldest's head at the far left.


We had a MARVELOUS time. A great deal of the fun was enhanced by the fact that Youngest is finally tall enough to go on all the rides and brave enough for MOST of them (he didn’t ride the Disk’O in the photo). He could even drive his own bumper car. There are no words to express the joy of stress reduction via ramming into your kids in bumper cars — we went on that twice. Also hit the Log Ride twice because — hey, it’s water and we were hot.

The childhood trauma — I swear to you, we have one EVERY year. I’ve lost every single child at least once at the fair. It’s an impressive record. In this case, I lost Oldest’s cell phone which was in a pouch in my purse for safekeeping (yes, he pointed out the irony). Either it fell out or I misplaced it. However, some honest soul turned it in to the Lost and Found. Hooray for decent human beings!

The damage to the diet was as follows: one funnel cake (shared, except with Youngest who doesn’t like funnel cake because he’s an alien); one strawberry lemonade, one order of fried avocado, shared with Middlest; several sips and bites from the sno cones I bought for the kids because hello, HOT; one order of ribs with a side of fries, and one frozen chocolate-covered cheesecake on a stick. We missed trying the chocolate-covered bacon but I guess that’ll be a goal for next year. Every year, I do something fried and last year, I did fried Oreos — which are good but ridiculously, unbelievably rich. Next year I might shoot for the frog legs or the candy bars. I draw the line at fried butter, which is redundant, really.

All the best rides play loud, obnoxious music while you’re waiting in line. It’s the joy of Middlest’s existence that the people who pick this music apparently have the same taste he does. So in honor of the Fair, I’m leaving you with a song from the best band ever according to M.


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