Sci Fi Sunday — Sookie Stackhouse Returns!

As if the title wasn’t a DEAD giveaway (haha, I crack myself up), here’s what I’m reading this week:

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The 11th book in the Sookie Stackhouse series, Dead Reckoning, picks up where book 10 left off. There’s a lot of back story at this point and not too much exposition, so if you’re curious I recommend starting with the first book Dead Until Dark. Charlaine Harris captures the flavor of living in the South, albeit a South peopled with vamps and shapeshifters as well as ordinary humans. In this latest installment, Sookie discovers more information about her fae past, makes peace with some of her family issues, grows a bit of backbone and weathers more changes to her triangle with Eric and Bill.  This book had a bit of a filler feel — a lot of ups and downs to move the story forward, but not much of a main conflict.  However, like any good series, the ending left me eagerly awaiting the next book.

Currently Watching:  The third season of True Blood, which I will be reviewing later. True Blood, which starts out based on the Sookie books and covers the events of the first book to some degree, diverges more and more wildly from the series as time goes on. Both are great fun, but if your only exposure to Sookie is through True Blood, I encourage you to read the books as well. They fill out a great deal of information on the characters.


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