Pr-cks and Pragmatism

If you filled in the blank correctly, good for you! Actually, Pr-cks and Pragmatism is a very good male/male romance by J. L. Merrow. The title is a bit too blunt for what is really a sweet love story. With dicks. It’s available on Kindle and I highly recommend. And now, for the pr-ck in this household:

Queen of the bedroom.

Lila. Who has been making a pest out of herself smacking me awake at 3 am so I can pet her, rubbing her cat drool on me every time I sit down, and lying on my arm when I’m trying to type.   Seriously, cat, I give you more attention than the kids and they had the good sense to stop waking me in the middle of the night and drooling on me after the first year. You’re just lucky that I’m nice and you’re fluffy.



As for the pragmatism, my sewing mojo has been a bit off since San Fran. I just couldn’t decide what to make next. I picked up some great patterns at the Simplicity sale at JoAnn Fabrics on Friday:

Clockwise from top left, Simplicity 2061, 2305, 0444, 2451, and 2072

Sadly, I didn’t have the fabric to start any of the projects. Oh, I have fabric out the wazoo but most of it is earmarked for pants and straight skirts. It’s heavyweight stuff, in other words. NOT what these patterns call for and not what you want to be working on when the temps are above 80. So, I did what I sometimes do when I’m blocked and just picked a fabric to sew. I chose this black and gray zebra jersey which I bought on my last trip to L.A.’s Fabric District. I have no idea what it was originally used for, but it’s like a man’s t-shirt type of jersey. Not very stretchy, heavy ink printed on white, not all that high quality:

You can see the white jersey on the underside.


I’m making pajama pants out of it from New Look 6875, View D.  This pattern was originally on the giveaway pile because I tried to make the t-shirt and didn’t like it.  I figured with pajama pants, the material is soft enough to be cozy to sleep in but cheap enough that I won’t care about not making something better with it.

View D is the ugly brown one on the lower right.





So far, it seems to be turning out ok but I’m really glad I didn’t try to make a dress or something fiddly with this fabric.  It shows every needle hole and doesn’t press well.


Elizabeth at Flourish in Progress has told me I need to gear up to make a cocktail dress. I need to learn how because I keep getting invited to weddings and things and then running out to buy a dress, and I’m actually hard to fit dress-wise. She says she expects SPARKLES….urk. Well, I’m not sure about the sparkles but I’m headed to the Fabric District again this Saturday and I know me. I’ll end up picking up something like plaid taffeta. I basically need everybody to scream at me right now — “NO!  PUT DOWN THE PLAID!” Go ahead, have at it in the comments. You know you want to.


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  1. I want to see what you do with the Cynthia Rowley- I’ve been eying that pattern!

    • What sold me was seeing a skirt with the same general shape but MUCH shorter at Forever 21. I don’t know why they bother calling those things skirts — very long belts would be more accurate. Anyhow, when it shows up at Forever 21, you know it’s on trend. And now I’m wondering if we should be depressed by that.

  2. Rhinestones and unicorns, is what I think Liz meant. Anyway, if you run out of ideas you could sew me some cool guy clothes. I have no fashion sense, so I’ll wear anything.

    • Rhinestones and unicorns on a cocktail dress would actually be kind of awesome.

      Cool guy clothes = oxymoron. Now that I have a middle schooler in adult sizes, I’m painfully aware that there isn’t much out there for the male gender. Kids clothes are way cooler, as we’ve said. I need an enlarging machine — for clothes, I mean. Geez, that sounds perverted.

  3. friends, clearly, you read my mind. i most CERTAINLY meant rhinestones and unicorns. Andi, with your mad skillz (yes, with a “z” even) I know you can make this happen.

    p.s. the fabric district in LA? Can I tag along some time? I’ve always wanted to go, but I’m too afraid to navigate alone. If yes, will you drop me a line?

    • Sure thing — I’ll be happy to squire you around next time I go! I usually do a spree every few months. I dragged my BFF (who doesn’t even sew) with me the first time, just for positive reinforcement because it’s a bit intimidating. This time, I’m taking the MIL with me so she can see what it’s all about.

      Rhinestones and unicorns…..hmm….now I’m thinking.

  4. I have the same fabric in purple and YES, it is picky and shows all the holes even with a ball point needle. Show us ur jammies when they are done!

    • I used a small stretch needle, and that worked great but I couldn’t do a twin needle stitch on it because the twin needles showed too many holes. I ended up using the feather stitch on my machine to finish all the hems. This really is good fabric for pajamas, I’m not even sure what else you could do with it.

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