My God, I Need Sleep

I’m back from San Fran with one night of sleep in my own bed under my belt. You would think that would be enough. You would be wrong — I now need a nap to recover from my vacation. It would probably help if Lila didn’t insist on rubbing her cat love-drool on me at 4:30 am but it’s such a part of home, I didn’t mind too terribly. Here, while I doze off, I’ll show you a few pics of the spoils of war:

Kera, Fudge and Female magazines

Kera, Fudge and Female magazines from Japantown’s bookstore. Kera showcases punk, goth and Lolita fashion with a section of street style snaps. Fudge is basically high fashion as done by your very chic, preppy teenage neighbor. Female is a sewing magazine with patterns included — very basic patterns, but a lot of potential for customization, assuming I can understand the pattern sheet enough to trace them out.

Images from Kera.



I would totally wear these clothes.  I’m not sure what that says about me, other than I have no style and I’m stuck at age five.





Marine style from Fudge.




Fudge is probably closer to what I’d wear assuming I had any fashion sense whatsoever. I already have the dark short-shorts, just need a striped tee to pair with them. Also, I’m in love with this skirt:

I need to figure out how to knock off this skirt. 'Tis awesome.









I bought Female mainly for the sailor collar blouse on the left:










I also picked up 2 yards of this awesome fabric from Mendel’s in the Haight.  I’ve seen this print before but not in the black/white/pink/gray colorway:


Then I got these steampunk buttons, also from Mendel’s.  I only bought 2 of each because I don’t really know what I’ll do with them.








From Cheap Thrills in the Haight, I picked up a bunch of patches:




I’m gonna slap these on anything that holds still long enough.  I know, they’re so cliche but who cares?




I forgot the best part of the whole trip….getting to see friends we don’t see nearly often enough.

Yay for hanging with my peeps!

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  1. You’re not stuck at age five. There is a whole untapped market out there for turning little kids’ clothes into grown-up clothes. Many has been the time somebody has given my son a T-shirt or a pair of pants and I’ve been all “hey, I want that, too.” Clothing gifts are wasted on the young. The thing is, I have absolutely no sense of style, but when my daughter and I go shopping and she gets all chic, I sometimes ask my wife if they have clothes like that for grown-ups. Usually she says something like “You want me to wear plastic rhinestone unicorns on my shirts? WTF is wrong with you, you have a brain tumor or something?”
    When really what I mean is something LIKE that and now that I’m writing this I know that I sound like some kind of freak, but it’s not tha schoolgirl fetish thing – which I abhor – I’m talking the punky blingy look. Then again, I think that maybe it only looks good on kids because when you’re an adult you just kind of look trampy.
    And now it’s time for me to shut up.

    • No, see, you’ve captured my entire stream-of-consciousness thinking about the whole thing. It’s not that I want to look like a kid. It’s just that kids shouldn’t have a monopoly on cool clothes. And I think the only reason we vaguely associate adults dressing kid-like with trashy is because sometimes people squeeze themselves into children’s things anyway and it looks ridiculous. Also, this entire style may be Courtney Love’s fault.

  2. I LOVE that fabric, and I totally agree with you and Shane — who decided grown-up clothes have to be boring? Screw that, hand me my I love Punk tank top with the mesh overlay!

    • Clearly, I am at the forefront of a rebellion. They can have our inner children when they pry them from our cold, dead hands. Oh great, that’s disturbing — now my inner child needs medication.

  3. Nothing like hanging with good peeps to rejuvenate the soul. Yay!!

    The fact that we’ve never met in person is small beans to me. I think you are one of the most creative and talented people I know. I say that with confidence. You make what you like and that’s the bottom line….who cares what adult clothes are “supposed” to look like!

    • Yay for our peeps!

      Aww, thanks for the compliment. That means a lot, particularly when I’m wrestling with new projects and feeling like I’ve bitten off more than I can chew…. Gotta keep developing skills and moving those goal posts!

      Every time I buy plain adult clothes, I end up not wearing them or doing something to them to make them more “me.” I think I’m just allergic to minimalism.

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