Greetings from the City of Love!

Hi guys!  I’m in San Francisco, having a blast.  I spent yesterday morning wandering around here:

I’ll probably go back tonight or tomorrow to pick up a few supplies.  The Haight is a good place for out-of-print Alexander Henry fabrics (at Mendels), patches for clothing and band t-shirts (Cheap Thrills) and shoes (John Fluevog and Dr. Martens both have flagship stores here).  I can’t afford Fluevogs, however much I may like them, but I’m tossing around the idea of another pair of Docs, or at least picking up more laces for my current pair.  There’s also a new store called Bettie Page which carries a lot of rockabilly fashion and Bettie Page print stuff.  It’s a lot of fun but definitely best for those with T and A (as someone with A but not much T, I didn’t really fill out the dresses).

After the Haight, I went to Japantown to pick up a few magazines.  Japanese fashion and craft magazines are amazing.  I hit up the Kinokuniya bookstore, then went to New People to browse.  New People is a department store that caters to Americans who might be curious about the fashions of the Harajuku district.  The two major brands I saw there were Black Peace Now and Baby, The Stars Shine Bright which carries clothing in the sweeter style of Gothic Lolita fashion.  The Baby clothes all look like cupcakes.

The reason I said browse is because it looks like the prices start around $200 on sale for a dress.  I also think I might be too old and cranky for this many frills.  On the plus side, everything I saw was very well made and the fabrics were high quality.  I could have afforded some of the things on the Black Peace Now side, which were on sale and more reasonably priced, but I had a hard time finding any size larger than Medium.  The clothes are darker:

There’s also more casual stuff, t-shirts and pants.

After all that, I came back to Union Square and had dinner at Cafe Bellini.  It has terrible reviews on Yelp, but I think that’s because it has pastries in the front and that’s why people go there.  The pastries (and calzones, according to the reviews) are all out of a box, cardboardy, etc.  I had a really good hamburger last time I was there, and this time I had an excellent baby caprese salad.  As long as you order from the sit-down menu, you should be okay.

Posting will be sporadic until I get back (late Wednesday night) because the Hubs is here on work and of course, monopolized the internet access in the room.  In fact, I’m posting this from his computer.  What kind of silly hotel only allows one computer access per room?  Hilton at Union Square, evidently.  Hmph.  So, I’ll be doing a full recap later this week.

Oh, and I wore my new shorts on the plane.  They were insanely comfortable.  I got randomly pulled out of the line to do a full search, but they didn’t do any body touching.  The TSF just wanted to scan my shoes.  Huh?  Oh well, ain’t complaining.

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  1. Looks like you’re having loads of fun! My BFF lives in Vancouver, John Fluevog’s hometown, and gets the most incredible deals on them (mostly by stalking the store, as far as I can tell). Fortunately for my wallet they’re not usually to my taste ;). I love looking at the “Harajuku” fashions but I can’t quite see myself dressed up as a cupcake either. The darker versions are nice, though.

    Glad the shorts are performing well!

    • I would stalk the store myself, but I can’t quite fathom something that goes on sale for that much money. I’ve realized that $100 is my “sale” threshold and when a price is over that — even if it’s less than I would normally pay — my brain immediately files it under “not really on sale.”

      I liked the shorts so much, I’m raring to go on another project but have no inspiration as of yet.

  2. Okay, what does it say about me that when you said “Black Peace Now” was a style I thought everyone would be dressed up like Malcolm X and Huey Newton (and what does it FURTHER say that I almost typed “Huey Long” when I clearly meant Huey Newton?)

    • I had to recall the song “Kingfisher” before I could remember who Huey Long was. And yeah, I think they figured out the “Black Peace Now” thing was a bit odd to Westerners because their clothes have a symbol then “Peace Now” or BPN on them instead of the whole brand written out.

  3. OK, so this is me, signing in, being jealous. I need a vacation, too. Can you send me some money so I can go on vacation?

    Sorry, just got a little out of hand and I’m filling your comment space up with some serious drivel. Umm….something something….I just saw a woman with a beer belly holding the hand of a man with tremendous thighs.

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