The Obligatory Social Event, Featuring New Look 6899

Friends, we have a wedding to attend tomorrow.  Since the Hubs is the Best Man, that means a rehearsal dinner tonight.  As much as I am excited about this wedding — and I AM excited, S and L are the best couple ever — I dread sitting through a rehearsal dinner.  I didn’t even like my own, and I’ve been to more than I care for.  So when the Hubs said, “Oh, it’s at their house.  Just dress your mood,” I considered that a perfect excuse to bust out my favorite rockabilly skirt.

New Look 6899, View E

Ignore my squint, that happens every time I take pictures outside.  Anyway, this was a ridiculously easy pattern.  Three pattern pieces and no complicated fitting (the waistline runs a bit big, but I just took in a larger seam allowance on the sides.  Easy peasy).  I did add belt loops because I felt the skirt yoke had the tendency to travel a bit, but skirt yokes do that on me anyway.  The material is a very lightweight twill from Joann’s kids section — I always check them because they occasionally have some fun prints, although rarely anything that works for adults.  I also paired it with this sweater:

In case you can't read it, the patch says "These are my Church Clothes."

This sweater is one of my favorites — I got it from Target and added the patches from Hot Topic (back when Hot Topic actually catered to subcultural girls).  I should wear this with my mary jane heels, but that just seems lethal in a grassy backyard.  Anyway, if you’ve wondered what is so subcultural about me — see outfit above.  It works even better with purple hair.  I really need a petticoat with this skirt, but that would probably be too much for the event.

I’ve been sewing my shorts like mad off and on, but still need to finish the waistline (and I’m not sure I have buttons I like for it — aargh).  Was hoping to get them done this week, but now I’m aiming for Saturday.  If I’m not completely insane between the wedding tomorrow/Oldest leaving for Scout camp at crack of dawn Sunday/packing for San Francisco where we are scheduled to arrive at 9 am on Monday, that is.


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  1. Love it! Great color and print.

  2. Ah, I remember when Hot Topic was so fun to shop in! Lovely skirt!

  3. Hi Andi – I’ve just found your blog but can’t remember how. Could be the second too strong cup of coffee or the two small people zooming about confusing me. Oh when are the school holidays over? Anyway, I’m thoroughly enjoying reading back a few posts, checking out sewing and stuff! PS Like the skirt …… Now where did I put my mug?

    • Oh, I can empathize with the small people zooming about. Although they change all too quickly into the big people draped across the stuffed furniture, like cobwebs that breathe, who moan when asked to empty the dishwasher. Bribery is what gets me through the summer.

      If you’re like me, you’ll find your mug in the last place you left it. Happy to help!

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