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Simon R. Green’s latest Eddie Drood/Shaman Bond Secret Histories novel, For Heaven’s Eyes Only.  The Secret Histories series is a pretty obvious spin on the James Bond theme.  Spy goes out on an impossible assignment, saves the world, gets the girl.  Of course, in Green’s universe the spy is assisted by alien technology, saving the world involves a bit more gore than usual, and the girl is a smart and foul-mouthed witch.  Similar to Green’s Nightside series, the drama and violence is played for laughs.  The series starts in The Man with the Golden Torc and continues in Daemons Are Forever.  For Heaven’s Eyes Only is the fifth book.

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Haven (on Syfy, Friday nights at 10 pm) debuted last summer, and was Syfy’s answer to the popularity of mystery shows like Lost.  It was interesting to see Syfy take a chance on a “darker” themed show during their summer season, a season that is usually reserved for lighthearted romps like Eureka and Warehouse 13.  Happily, Haven found its stride and has garnered enough fans to return for a second season.  Haven is a small town on the Eastern seaboard, where strange things regularly happen to the inhabitants.  Many of the incidents are supernatural in nature, and seem to have started during a time vaguely referred to as “The Troubles,” and the afflicted residents are “troubled.”  FBI agent Audrey Parker, called to town to bring back a prisoner, ends up staying and assisting the local police with their challenges.  She’s also attempting to investigate her own shadowed past, and there are plenty of townsfolk with dark secrets that will go to great lengths to keep them.  Haven is based loosely on Stephen King’s “The Colorado Kid,” and King’s influence is very obvious in the location and atmosphere of this show, although the show’s final impression is creepy rather than horrifying.  Like most mystery shows, Haven works best if you’ve watched it from the beginning, but I do think you can jump in at this point and not be totally lost.  The first season is available from Netflix.

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