Summer Playlist — Library Girl

When I was ten, we lived in a small town in the Northwest.  I didn’t much like the town and it didn’t like me back, but one of the few friends I did have was a girl named Jill.  Jill and I spent hours together that summer, riding our bikes down to the library and dodging the creepy employees by browsing in the adult section.  That was the summer I met Stephen King (we didn’t get along and still don’t) as well as Ray Bradbury.  This song reminds me so much of that part of my childhood.

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  1. my relationship with stephen king is also very stormy. sometimes we’re good. other times, i close a book and i think “what the hell just happened here?”

    • He actually wrote a very good nonfiction book about the writing process. He clearly knows what he can do, but I think he’s a victim of “famous author syndrome” where they become unable to tell the difference between their own good writing and dreck. And the fans lap it up, so nobody is going to say, “Hey, your quality? Is sinking.”

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