Best Laid Plans, And All That

This, my friends, is Union Square in San Francisco.  Also known as where Her Royal Laziness will be going in a week and half.  The Hubs has been called in to SF for work, and since I have a couple of pals who relocated to the Bay Area not too long ago, I’m taking the opportunity to hit the party circuit.  It’ll be a three day whirlwind tour, during which I hope to fit in dinner with my best guy friend and his new girl, plus shopping the Haight with my BFF.  Plus some quality time with the Hubs, of course.

I was gonna sew some shorts.  I was gonna….well, a lot of things.  But now all I can think of is what to wear in the city.  The interim period will also include Youngest’s birthday (party on Monday) and the Hubs friend’s wedding next Friday.  Plus dropping Oldest off at camp.  Sewing is going to have to fit around all of this, and it’s going to have to be something appropriate for breezy, 55-70 degree weather in the middle of summer.  Most of my twill skirts would work, but won’t pack well.  I could cop out and bring jeans — actually, I’ll probably bring one pair just in case, but I don’t like jeans.  What to sew for travel when you have neither the time nor the inclination to iron?  Knit skirts, I think.  I’ve got knits in my stash and if I stick to elastic waists and avoid gathers, a few skirts are doable.  They’re also warmer than woven cotton.

I’ve been to SF before so I know the climate, and I won’t waste my time with landmarks (Alcatraz?  Golden Gate?  Been there, done that, phffft).  I’ve also hit Britex, the famous fabric store — too pricey for someone who shops the Fabric District in L.A.  I’ll be cruising the Haight for all the little boutique shops we don’t have here, and hopefully plunking down a bit of fun cash.

I CAN’T WAIT.  It’s gonna be epic, if I can just get my travel wardrobe sorted.

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  1. I hope you have a fabulous time!! Our family has been up in SF/Napa for the past several weeks on vacay and we are leaving this weekend, but our time here has been wonderful. Such a beautiful city. I wish I had known about that Britex store earlier. I would have taken Cal, as she loves to fiddle around with the sewing machine and make little things.

    • Awesome! Yeah, the Britex store is worth seeing (it’s about a block down from Union Square if I recall correctly — in that neighborhood anyway). Be prepared for sticker shock, though….this is fancy fabric for big time seamstresses.

      You really should take Cal down to the Fabric District in L.A. Two or three bucks a yard for all kinds of wild stuff — can’t beat that with a stick. They even have fake fur, plaid, studs, sequins…..

  2. Oh, have fun! SF is way up their on cities I’d like to visit.

    That weather range you suggest would be jeans for me… but I’m big on the jeans, as you may have noticed ;).

  3. Wow, and apparently I can’t spell in the morning, either. “way up THERE” 😛

    • I got the gist. 🙂 SF is a great place to visit — it’s one of the few cities that is really centrally designed, so if you stay downtown you can easily take a bus everywhere you need to go. The food is incredible and each little neighborhood has its own atmosphere. Geez, I should shill for their chamber of commerce. Anyhow, San Fran is on my list of “places I’d happily live if I had to flee my current life.”

  4. Wish I was coming, too! Never been to SF. Enjoy yourself! I’m sure you’ll be blogging daily about all the fun you’re having! 😉

    • Hah, I might save it all for one epic post when I get back. We’re talking three day whirlwind quite literally, and I don’t know how much time I’ll have on the computer. I guess I should learn to blog on my phone. *eyes tiny touch screen with disfavor* Or maybe not. We’ll see.

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