McCalls 6328 — For the Supremely Confident

So, I finished McCalls 6328, View C (which I made without the tie belt).  I had just enough of this lightweight denim to make the pattern work, although I had to cut the yoke lining on the crossgrain.

McCalls 6328, View C from the front

Please disregard the messy bathroom!  Anyhow, I cut out a size 14 although I really could have done with a 12 (which is why the sides are wonky, I had to take them in about an inch).  You can’t really see the circle detail on the side because I did the shorts all in the same fabric with same color topstitching.  I also didn’t follow the instructions on how to put in the circle detail since I knew I would have to take in the sides.  Anyhow, this is a very well-drafted, very well-fitting pair of shorts.  I hardly had to adjust them at all, aside from being a bit big.  They really need to be in a softer fabric also, but that’s for next time.  Other things I will change next time:

1) The back zipper is set pretty low if you go by the pattern instructions. I need to move it up about 1/2 an inch.

2) These shorts are SHORT.  I would feel better if they were another two inches longer.

3) I want to add the flounce detailing in the pattern because it accentuates the side cut-outs.

If you need further proof of how short these are, look at the side view:

Side view, standing on my bathtub.

They also flare out quite a bit at the sides and back.  You have to be pretty confident about your legs to wear these (I’m not, but the heck with it).  Anyway, I’d recommend the pattern with the understanding that it runs about one size large, and people who are not teenagers anymore might want to lengthen it a couple of inches or so.

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  1. I think the shorts look great! The fit seems very good, and your legs are perfectly fine for that length! I may be inspired to sew myself some shorts, if our weather gets hot enough.

    • Thanks! The loose fit at the back leg is what makes me a bit nervous about exposure.

      These are pretty tailored shorts. I think tailored shorts can be worn with long sleeves and make good transitional pieces for not-so-warm weather.

  2. The fit is great! Although, they don’t look that short to me ;).

    • Ha, they’re not quite hot pants or anything. I do think a softer fabric will curve under in the back and feel less exposed. I just wanted to use up the denim and this pattern can easily be configured to use less than a yard of fabric.

  3. I would be confident with your legs if they were mine. They look great and so do your shorts!

  4. The shoirts look great and you definately have the legs to carry them off! Believe in yourself girl, and if you haven’t got the confidence, then fake the confidence, because you can work these shorts!

  5. damn girl, you got kids?? you sure? you look real real good! love the shorts, too! you shoulda hiked em up a few inches. =) show those babies off.

  6. I think the shorts are FABULOUS, and your mad sewing skillz continue to amaze me. As for the shortness, I’ve gotten to the point where I really don’t care as long as I don’t have to shave anything other than my LEGS to wear them… I’m kinda hoping people will see my thighs and give me a dollar.

  7. I just made these shorts, and boy are they short!!!! I used a very light weight linen and I don’t feel any more confident about the looseness in the back. I thought I might try the E or F style next time as I think they are a closer fit around the legs.
    And your legs look great in them. Don’t worry. (That’s what I’m going to keep telling myself!)

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