Sci Fi Sunday — Looking at Syfy’s Monday Lineup

Guys, tomorrow is a momentous day.  A day I’ve been waiting for with bated breath, and much checking of the calendar.  Monday, July 11th is the first day of Syfy’s summer season.  Can I have a WAHOO and possibly a hell, yeah?  Yes indeed.

First in our review of delectable delights is Eureka, beginning its 5th season at 8 pm.

Eureka is a small town in the mountains, where government researchers live and work together discovering scientific ways to improve all our lives.  Predictably, things go wrong — often hilariously wrong.  The show’s folksy vibe is enhanced by Sheriff Jack Carter, who adds a hint of realism when people start throwing around quantum jargon.  The whole effect is very Our Town meets Weird Science.  This is the show I recommend to people who claim they don’t like science fiction.  As an added bonus, it’s safe to watch with your kids.  Seasons one through three are available on Netflix.

Next up is Warehouse 13, beginning its third season at 9 pm.

Warehouse 13 is a storage place for artifacts with scientific or magical properties.  Part of the fun of the show is figuring out which historical and mythological persons, places or things are going to show up next.  The two Secret Service agents assigned to the warehouse, Pete and Myka, are part of an ensemble cast that solves mysteries and collects artifacts so they can be stored safely.  I particularly like the obnoxious teenage punk, Claudia, a genius with a smart mouth and a style anchored by Converse shoes.  There have been some crossover story lines between Warehouse 13 and Eureka, and both are family-friendly shows.  Both previous seasons are available on Netflix.

At 10 pm, Syfy is debuting a new show, Alphas.

The show is so new that the only picture I could lift for it was the projected copy for the DVD cover.  As far as I can tell from the information available, Alphas will feature ordinary people with extraordinary abilities working for the government to solve crimes.  Could be great, could be a disaster, but it will be hard for the show to fail with such a strong starting lineup.  I’m eager to see how it develops.


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  1. you may have a wwaaaaaa and a hhhooooooooo
    I’ve been waiting and it looks Like Myka is back!!
    boo and ya!!

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