Summer Playlist — the Mellow Edition

I used to be a hippie.

Ok, all of you, stop laughing.  It was high school, I was hanging with some very cool Jesus freaks who were all hippified and stuff, and they introduced me to vegetarianism (didn’t take), secondhand clothes (also didn’t take), hippie style (which took with a vengeance and still pops its head up at odd moments) and jam sessions on guitar.  I missed out on the weed because these guys were all straightedge, but I did come away with a serious appreciation for the Grateful Dead.  This song makes me think of summer in high school, spring break mission trips to Mexico, college summers by the river….


Posted on July 8, 2011, in Friday Headbanging. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. I love the Grateful Dead! I wasn’t quite a hippie or as straight-edge as your friends – I think burn out was the more appropriate term. Um. Yeah.

    • All the most interesting people I know have taken the most circuitous path to get there. Burning out is just another term for “reassessing your priorities.” Yes, I know, I should do motivational speaking….hah.

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