The Only Hearts Skirt

I spent yesterday and part of today working on McCalls 6289.  The pattern envelope says easy, and this skirt is indeed easy (assuming you’re doing view A and not the more complicated views B or C).  It’s also kind of boring.  I wanted a bit of a break from making things like jeans, but this may have been too far into the beginner aisle.  I ended up putting an exposed zipper on the back to add a bit of interest, but it’s a metal zipper and not the smoothest closure.  I also put it on kind of wonky, but it’s not really visible when you look at the skirt.

Front view, Mccall 6289

Here it is on my dress form.  I lined the yoke in plain hot pink, but I haven’t stitched it down yet so it’s peeking out a bit on top.  I also haven’t hemmed the skirt yet and it’s short.  The envelope says 16″, well within my limit of 15″ for skirt length, but I think I underestimated how different that looks in a full skirt.  I also underestimated how much my booty would pull up the back view, so I might need to do a very scanty hem in back.  I have to say this is not a flattering style for someone with my backside but I was going for easy and anything I don’t have to fit over my butt/legs IS easy.

View of back zipper

I do really like this fabric, though, and the exposed zipper is cute.  I have enough hot pink left to make a bottom band if I really need to adjust this length.  Note to self:  Definitely adjust the length for next time.  Also consider making one of the more interesting views.  I will probably not sew this again as is, although I’m not unhappy with the results.

I didn’t finish today because I had an appointment:

This is after I gave up trying for a normal expression.


I was so sick of my hair that I pretty much gave the stylist carte blanche, except I told her to make the color lighter and gave some instructions as to the cut.  It’s a bit short, but I think it’ll do.  I’m not sure about the blonde highlights — it looks fine, just not me — but I figure I’ll keep it until the end of summer.  If it starts to annoy me too much, I’ll dump some purple or blue on it.  Trust me, there can be no new hair colors around here.


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  1. I was about to suggest a bottom band, glad you were ahead of me on that one ;). Something about a poofy skirt does make a short length a little more alarming, doesn’t it?

    I miss my blue streaks, but I was awful about re-dying them so they always looked more greenish. Blonde never really feels me, either, but t can still be fun sometimes…

    • I live in an area where EVERYBODY dyes their hair blonde, so the color just feels tired to me. Luckily, the highlights went on in chunks so they’re still a bit punky and fun.

      Never really had a huge problem with the greenish dye, but I always did the super dark blue (midnight blue) so it would stay blue longer. The turquoise colors always seem to go on a bit green anyway, at least to me.

      I’m going to take another look at the skirt this weekend and decide whether or not to put on the band. You’re right, it’s the poof that makes it scary — I’m actually wearing a shorter mini right now, and it’s denim and I like that I can feel where the hemline is at all times.

  2. First…I like the hair! Keep the blonde for a little bit, I say. It’s all summer-y and stuff, no? But, I would kill to see the blue streaks. Radness. Pure radness.

    I’m all about exposed zippers right now. I’ve started going to online sites again, because I’m thinking about what I might purchase when my year of no shopping is over in September. The exposed zippers and skirts are jumping out at me…so this skirt is heaven in my book.

    • Glad you like the skirt! I like the exposed zippers as well, and they’re easier to sew on. I also don’t have anything with those kind of zips in my closet at the moment so it’s something different.

      I have a wedding to attend in a couple of weeks, as well as a few other events, and blue/pink/purple dye does NOT stay on in chlorinated water. So I’ll keep the color for the summer then decide what to do with it once swimming season is over.

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