Only in America

I had the BEST Fourth of July holiday yesterday.  We drove down to a friend’s town to start off the day with a community parade, complete with high school marching band, military veterans, rotary club, Boy and Girl Scouts, approximately 32,487 beauty pageant winners riding on the back of convertibles, and somewhat improbably, a group of Klingons.

Sadly, I did not get a photo of the Klingons.  I did however, get some of the beauty pageant winners:

Just multiply this by 40 and you have 2/3 of the parade.

Then we spent the rest of the day by the pool, eating and drinking, diving in when it got too hot, and developing strange tan lines.  After dark, the entire crew decamped to the main throughfare to watch fireworks.  Just to give you some perspective, the main street is about four lanes wide with a divider.  It’s a little odd to see people camped out in lawn chairs next to Red Lobster, but what the hey.

Pics or it didn't happen.

The younger members of our crew experienced the fireworks the way their generation experiences everything — through their cell phone video cameras.  I’m happy to know they will have a record of all the things they missed seeing the first time around.

And what of my sewing?  Well, I did a bunch of shopping at JoAnn’s 4th of July sale on Friday and came away with this:

I also got interfacing and thread, but that stuff is boring.

I’m excited to start sewing, particularly McCalls 6328 and 6289.  The heart fabric is a really soft lightweight twill, which I think will make a nice summer skirt.  I have no idea what to do with the other one — it’s also twill, but heavier like a bottomweight — but I fell in love with the graffiti style print.  I got two yards each of both.

Going back to our regular schedule today has been like moving through molasses.  Ugh.  Need more sleep.


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  1. Sad that you didn’t get a shot of the Klingons, but probably for the best, they’d almost certainly take it as a reason to launch a brawl.

    Man, the pageant girls sure got robbed of the cool parade wheels. Or maybe I’m just turning into a cranky old lady.

    • Actually, one of the Klingons tripped and fell down and THAT almost started a brawl. I should have tried to photograph that.

      This car was probably the only one that wasn’t fancy. After the 34,000th pageant girl had passed by, the Hubs made a comment about, “they must’ve rented out all the Mustangs in town,” and got a blank look from me because as far as I can tell, a convertible is a convertible (and a pageant girl is a pageant girl).

  2. A buddy of mine is rather wealthy and always blows a few grand on his backyard display. But, as the display went off, his kids, grandkids and guests were all recording it on their little phones. I just watched it and remembered. I had a much better time, I’ll bet.

  3. Ok, now I’m imagining Klingon beauty queens. Which would kinda rock, actually.

    Last fall I went to a conference in Pittsburgh. My first day there, on venturing forth for lunch, we discovered the streets awash with zombies, and eventually located an entire zombie event at the epicentre of the outbreak. It was almost as awesome as the first time I encountered a zombie walk…

    I hate feeling pressured to spend half an event behind the camera, although I do it dutifully at the kids’ school concerts. It seems like such a waste to record fireworks, though.

    • I do the dutiful parent thing with the camera too, although I often wonder why I bother. I don’t currently own or look at any of my photos from childhood. Neither does the Hubs. I think I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times we’ve looked at pictures of the kids. What are we saving all this stuff for? I’m pretty sure it’s not for the kids, who will probably leave home and refuse to take it.

      Zombies are every bit as awesome as Klingons. You just know that Klingon beauty pageant would have a combat technique section instead of the bogus “talent” B.S.

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