Sci Fi Sunday — Oops, Monday

This is what happens when I party on the weekends.  I start the first day of vacation all behind and stuff.  Eh whatever, it’s SUMMER.  Righto then, on to the reviews!

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I picked up the first book in this series, Blood Oath, on a whim at our local library.  The quick read left me salivating for more and I immediately put in a request for this sequel, The President’s Vampire by Christopher Farnsworth.  Yes, I know the vampire trope is the proverbial dead horse that everybody has pretty much flayed to pieces.  However, I strongly recommend Farnsworth’s books.  His premise is interesting and his prose derives more from the hard edged thrillers written by authors like Koontz or Patterson than from the overly precious stylings of Stoker’s Dracula.  Farnsworth mixes his monsters in with hard-edged Beltway politics, and his main character Nathaniel Cade is both more and less ethical than the humans he works alongside.  Cade, however, is only part of the story and the heart of both books is Zach Barrows as Cade’s “handler.”  Barrows is a young, ambitious political wonk on the way up when he gets abruptly shunted into the duty of managing Cade.  How Barrows becomes progressively more savvy and hard-edged, yet more likeable is part of the charm of Farnsworth’s story.  I can’t encourage you enough to make the acquaintance of Barrows and Cade — you won’t be sorry.

Currently watching:

The Green Lantern

I rarely pay the big bucks to see movies in the theatre, but since we had tickets and an afternoon to kill before a party, we decided to take the kit and kaboodle to see The Green Lantern.  What to say about The Green Lantern?  Well, it’s not for those under double digits.  Youngest was afraid and had to be taken out in the last 1/3rd of the movie.  Middlest (age 11) thought it was the right mix of funny and scary.  So be aware that the PG-13 rating on this one isn’t just smoke and fluff.  The Hubs and I and the tweens found it to be a good summer movie, although it pales in comparision to Thor (which we saw in May).  Ryan Reynolds makes a likeable character out of the cocky flyboy who is chosen to become the Green Lantern.  Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively is unrecognizable, and therefore enjoyable as his love interest.  Mark Strong plays Sinestro and I’m going to insert a cautionary note here — Middlest complained that Sinestro in the movie is not the same character as Sinestro in the comics. That is, the story arc is different.  Die-hard fans may object to the change in character.  All said, The Green Lantern is a solid but unremarkable summer movie.

On an unrelated note:  I’m going to be doing some maintenance and housekeeping around here in the next couple of days. Blogroll will be expanded, a few things will be moved around but the site should not be affected.  See ya in the funny pages!


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  1. thanks for talking me out of The Green Lantern. We don’t watch a lot of movies in the theater cause that stuff gets expensive. Two tickets, 6 boxes of candy and a large soda later….it’s like 80 bucks!

  2. i guess this means i should send you 80 bucks or something. =)

    • I’ll take it, but then I’ll take anything that isn’t nailed down. I usually make the kiddos share popcorn and drinks but it’s still a good 80 bucks for us. I sneak the candy in cause I’m cheap.

      When you said thanks for talking me out of it, I thought you meant thanks for TAKING me out of it. As in you were over-identifying with Youngest and I was going to say, Dude, it’s not THAT scary.

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