Start Your Engines for the Summer Playlist!

Now that everybody is out of school (WAHOO), it’s time to revisit some summer songs.  I’m going to be dumping my favorite summer tunes on y’all every Friday, giving you the good, bad and everything in between.  The only criteria is that each song be permanently associated in my mind with the bright, harsh season.  We’re gonna be starting with this tune that I played as my anthem all last summer, driving to Vegas and back natch.  Give it up for Dessa:


What are YOUR summer tunes?  The ones that take you back to a certain place or year?  Share in the comments, please!


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  1. Aww, jeez. For me it would have to be Mambo #5 (which dates me pretty precisely)… dancing to that song with my then-future husband at the local gay club (The goth club, our real scene, was only once a month). That first summer we dated we stayed up all night, drawing at coffee shops, and watched the sun rise every day. I wore combats and kept my art supplies in one big cargo pocket, my makeup and toothbrush in the other, so that when I didn’t go home for the night I was prepared. We were broke, unemployed, and thoroughly irresponsible. It was glorious, really.

    • Oh man, that is a beautiful word picture you just painted. I could feel myself being all gloriously irresponsible with you (a state of being I still miss).

      And yes, I remember Mambo #5! In fact, I think I’ll go listen to it now…..

  2. Wait. I meant “The Boys are Back in Town”

    • Oh, the Thin Lizzy song? Had to Google that one, it had been so long since I’d heard it. That’s definitely a summer song, makes me think of juke boxes and dive bars and warm, sticky nights.

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