If At First You Don’t Succeed, Give Up

No, wait. That’s the wrong lesson. Isn’t it?


I read somewhere about a study that tracked the behavior of people who were given an impossible task. A certain group of these people were found to be happier, more successful, and generally more savvy than the rest. I know what you’re thinking, but you are wrong. Those were the people who GAVE UP FIRST.

Now remember, these folks were given an impossible task. Impossible, not merely difficult or requiring more effort. It seems likely that the root of their success lies in realizing quickly when something is, in fact, impossible.

I do not have this attribute.

This is how far I’ve gotten on my second pair of jeans:

Simplicity 4110

At some point, I probably should have wised up, but when?  When I realized the front rise was ridiculously low?  When I had to use a white zipper because I was out of navy?  When the instructions for the front fly were so bad, I had to improvise?  When I had to take out the crotch and side seams and reduce them to 3/8″?  When I then had to take in the sides and waistband to make it fit my waist?  When I had to unpick the waistband to cinch it smaller?  I mean, at some point, I should probably have given up and had a mojito.


Oh, I’ll finish the pants.  I’ll even (gulp) model them.  But I don’t think they’ll become my favorite pair or anything.  I could be wrong about this too.


I would deal with these things a lot better if my inner voice didn’t sound like this:

Yep, my inner voice is a floral and carefully crafted beeyotch. Explains a lot, doesn’t it?


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  1. oh, jeez. Good luck. I think I’m in the same category as you. If it helps, it’s my opinion that you never really know how a pair of jeans is going to fit (for sure) until you’ve not only got it finished, with the button on, worn it for quite a few hours, and washed it at least once.

    Yeah, I’ve had a few surprises… (Although if the rise is wrong for you, that’s probably not going to change. 😛 Learning experience?)

    • Agreed on the washing part, for sure. It applies to my ready-made clothes too since apparently nobody prewashes fabric anymore.

      I’m keeping all my patterns from the pants I’ve been making so I can compare them to any new patterns. That way if something is too low or too high or too narrow, I’ll know right off the bat and won’t drive myself crazy trying to make it work. On the plus side, I did figure out that I should sew the crotch on most pants slightly more shallow than 5/8″ because it really helps with those annoying crotch wrinkles.

  2. You should definitely have a mojito! I’m thinking there’s gotta be a way you can use your “inner voice” as inspiration for the back pocket detail on your jeans. heh heh

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